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11114RE: [BPQ32] Re: XP also Crashes When Using Web Interface

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  • Mike
    Aug 3, 2013
      Tony & Dave

      I have used IE 7 & 8 as well as Google Chrome with no problems, if I recall
      correctly in version
      5 of BPQ32 there was a minor problem with the HTTP Server.

      Now the important question, do both of you have the HTTP= Port in your
      Router/Firewall open?

      As far as the Winmor problem, John or someone familiar with Winmor will need
      to help you.

      Try mine: http://n9pmo.dyndns.org:81/Node/Nodes.htmll or www.n9pmo.com

      Mike N9PMO

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      This is starting to sound familiar. A few months ago I was experiencing
      similar issues with BPQ32 crashing after signing into the web interface in
      XP . It came down to Browsers. Firefox 16 or 17 was the problem. I found
      using IE was fine . Not my favorite browser by any means but it begs the
      questions . What browser are you using and have you tried others ? Perhaps
      its not related at all.

      Tony VK5AH

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, Dave Webb <druliefw@...> wrote:
      > I have also been having trouble with my MARS node crashing about once a
      > week.
      > It seems to be happening when I am using the HTML input to control my
      > system remotely but it has also happen when a user access the CMS using
      > Winmor.
      > Nothing is recorded in the logs except for an incomplete connection
      > entry at the time of the crash.
      > This system has been running for several years now and I had a lot of
      > unnecessary files in the BPQ32 directory so I completely uninstalled the
      > entire program including deleting all registry entries and reinstall
      > with the latest version using the split directories that is now being
      > used. The only thing the same is the config file. After a week it just
      > crashed again.
      > Another MARS sysop has also been experiencing crashes and he backed off
      > to an older version but I cannot do that now with the new CMS
      > 73
      > Dave
      > WB2HVF
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