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11112[BPQ32] XP also Crashes When Using Web Interface

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  • Dave Webb
    Aug 2, 2013
      I have also been having trouble with my MARS node crashing about once a
      It seems to be happening when I am using the HTML input to control my
      system remotely but it has also happen when a user access the CMS using
      Nothing is recorded in the logs except for an incomplete connection
      entry at the time of the crash.

      This system has been running for several years now and I had a lot of
      unnecessary files in the BPQ32 directory so I completely uninstalled the
      entire program including deleting all registry entries and reinstall
      with the latest version using the split directories that is now being
      used. The only thing the same is the config file. After a week it just
      crashed again.

      Another MARS sysop has also been experiencing crashes and he backed off
      to an older version but I cannot do that now with the new CMS requirements.

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