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  • Jerry
    Jul 20, 2013

      Hi John Thanks for the updates Linbpq here is running great, and since the WINMORCONTROL.exe* has been working so well..

      I have added a second instance of winmor on my XP machine that is network linked to the linux box.. So as of right now I have all the functionality  I ever had on BPQ32 …


      I have been thinking of scaling back.. or maybe something to that effect.. Have some things in store for life here.. So I may have to.. but wanted to report all is working great even with this level of complexity I run here…


      Linux and BPQ have  proven to be a great match…


      Thanks 73 Jerry N9LYA


      N9LYA/K9BBS  http://w9bbs.no-ip.org:8080

      Linbpq Debian Linux 7.0.0 Dell_Server_2600_4GBRAM_73GBHD_Dual_Dual_Core_CPU_1.8Ghz



      W9HU http://w9bbs.no-ip.org:8081





      JNOS 2.0j Debian Linux 6.0.6

      HP 3.4Ghz  2GB Ram 2TB Hard drive



      XR32 201b Windows XP SP3

      Dell Optiplex GX240 Pentium 4 1.70GHz  768MB Ram 40 GB Harddrive

      *My Winmor ports run on this PC controlled by Linbpq







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