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11035Re: [BPQ32] Inactive Users

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  • K.O. Higgs
    Jul 14, 2013
      Thanks Ken and Mike. I would like to exclude stations that are set as a BBS as Ken describes
      below.... and apply deletion to all the others.  If that is not possible, then let it apply to ALL

      However, I have mine set at 90 days and have some very old inactive users.. and I know of NONE
      that have been deleted.

      I am using version in Windows.

      73,  K.O. n0kfq

      On 7/14/2013 8:25 PM, Ken Jacobs wrote:

      Oh yes....I also believe the inactive user delete excludes stations that are set as a BBS, as I have a couple inactive BBS calls which are still on my list. So the delete function should only be for non-BBS users.


      On 07/14/2013 06:11 PM, Mike wrote:


      I haven't talked to John about it yet but I am guessing it only deletes
      users that are flagged as
      A BBS.

      You can have as many users logged in as you want, how ever BPQ Mail Server
      just like FBB
      Has a limit of 80 flagged BBS uses, I did check the registry and it is
      writing to the registry,
      But I am probably running a different version of BPQ32.DLL and Mail Server,
      (testers version), the release should be out in a couple of days.

      If I am wrong about how the user day's work, I am sure John will chime in.


      Mike N9PMO

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      Looking at BPQMail "Main Configuration->Housekeeping->Delete Inactive Users
      This does not seem to be working for me. How do you "enable" it?

      K.O. n0kfq

      K.O. Higgs

      K.O. Higgs 
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