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10930Re: [BPQ32] RMS Express via BPQ (pi)

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  • james
    Jul 3, 2013

      Please excuse any typo's that my iPhone has generated. 

      On Jul 3, 2013, at 11:59, "Darryl" <dman776@...> wrote:


      I've looked around for the answer to my question, but, didn't see anything applicable.

      I am running BPQ on my RaspPi. My PC (win7-x64)is running RMS Express.

      Is it possible to have my RMS Express relay traffic via the BPQ switch?
      If so, how do I set this up?

      My scenario is my RPi is on my network and have AXIP, Telnet, and VHF RF ports defined and working. I would like to relay my RMS Express connection over my network to the RPi and then have it connect to an RMS server (I am not running the RMS Server).

      Thanks for the input.

      73, Darryl

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