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10892Re: [BPQ32] axudp

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  • ve2hom Pascal
    Jun 28, 2013
      Thank all for your answer, i have found the problem it was the setcap, I have update my pilinbpq and the setcap was not done correctly.

      73 de Pascal

      Le 26/06/13 22:06, Jerry a écrit :

      I have 10093 and 93 on my pi… Both are working…





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      Hello, I want to know if I can listen on 2 axudp port at same time with linbpq?  My setup was correct on windows with port 10093 and 93 but on my linux when i use netsat -atun
      i don't see the port 93


      Meilleur 73'
      de Pascal

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