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10889Re: [BPQ32] MacBpq

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  • Harold Kinchelow
    Jun 27, 2013
      Ok  John .
      This is what i am seeing in my debug file.

      130628 05:06:40 !          CMS #0 Official name : wien.winlink.org
      130628 05:06:40 !          CMS #1 Official name : halifax.winlink.org
      130628 05:06:40 !          CMS #2 Official name : perth.winlink.org
      130628 05:06:40 !          CMS #3 Official name : brentwood.winlink.org
      130628 05:06:41 !          CMS #4 Official name : winlink.org
      130628 05:06:42 !          AXIP Resolve complete - pausing

      It seems the computer comes to a halt for about 2-4 minutes, then everything starts working.


      On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 4:51 PM, k7ilo@... <k7ilo1@...> wrote:

      Hey John

      Can you send me the mac version of bpq right before
      I think there may be an issue with it and me not thinking, over-wrote the old version b4 I backed it up.
      For some reason, when I connect to macbpq with termtcp now, it says connected but no prompts and will not respond to any commands.

      Also, one think Ken and I noticed about the Winlink reporting thing.
      Neither linbpq nor macbpq have provisions for adding the winlink information such as address, locator and things like that like the windows version does. We didnt see anything in the web portal.

      Can that be the cause that a few of us on linbpq and me on macbpq may not be showing up in the winlink stations page?

      Thanks and TTYL


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