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1088RE: [BPQ32] Re: BBS=1 parameter

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  • Dave Zeph
    Jul 9, 2008

      The G8BPQ software dates from the mid-1980’s.  I remember first using it with the W0RLI Packet BBS software.  That’s the reason for BBS=1.


      Tpday the parameter might more appropriately be named  APPLICATION=1




      73 -à Dave, W9ZRX



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      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, "Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO" <wa4zko@...> wrote:

      > Forgive what is likely a dumb question, but what exactly does this do?
      > Tnx
      > 73
      > Jeff
      > WA4ZKO
      John G8BPQ would have to actually confirm this, but the BBS= parameter
      may be a relic from the past. However you must have it defined in
      your bpqcfg.txt file or you will get a compiler error when running

      The best bet is to set BBS=1 if you have a BBS running on the same
      machine which is to interface with BPQ32. By 'BBS' is meant any
      program such as a BBS, a Packet Cluster, RMS, etc to which the user
      will make a connection via BPQ32.

      If there is no 'BBS' running on the machine, then you would typically
      set BBS=0.

      In the application which you described in the just prior posting you
      would want BBS=1.

      Ron Stordhal, N5IN

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