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10813RE: [BPQ32] Out of date RMS version

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  • John Wiseman
    Jun 20, 2013
      Important info for people using the CMS Telnet option to access the WL2K  system
      Info on this has been send a few times, but as the deadline is approaching, it is worth repeating
      If you use BPQ32 or LinBPQ to access the CMS Servers via the "CMS Telnet" feature, this will not work after
      30th June 2013 unless you enable the Secure Logon Mechanism. This version of BPQ32 supports Secure Login 
      To enable Secure Login you need to add two lines to your Telnet Server Config.
      CMSCALL=CALLSIGN ; CMS Access Callsign (with SSID if used)
      CMSPASS=XXXXXXX ; Secure CMS Password
      CMSCALL should be set to the callsign+ssid used to access the RMS Gateway
      CMSPASS is your Secure Signon Password. This is the same as your winlink.org webmail password - if you don't
      already have one or have forgotten it, see http://www.winlink.org/WMInstructions for details of how to retrieve
      your password, or set one if you don't have one,
      All gateway stations also need to be authorised by the WL2K team. Gateways that were active when the new system
      was first introduced should have been enabled automatically, but if not you may need to request access. 
      If you can't access the CMS after enabling Secure Access check the CMSAccess_yyyymmdd.log file in your BPQ32
      folder for any error messages.
      Feedback from useres who have tried to update suggests that quite a number of current gateways have not been authorised by WL2K. If your's hasn't, you will get a message similar to the following in the CMS Access log.
      00:14:04 5 *** [01000-006] - XXXXX-10 is not an authorized Winlink gateway - Disconnecting
      BPQ32 6.0.2.x supports Secure Login.
      LinBPQ/MacBPQ have supported it for a while, but if you have an old version, the latest can be downloaded from
      73, John G8BPQ

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      Hey John, group

      I received an email from the Winlink group stating that my version of RMS is out of date which I run bpq, mac version. There are a few bpq users on that list also. This is the link. http://www.winlink.org/RMSVersions Just wondering if this means anything to use running the bpq version.


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