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1081TF Driver?

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  • wavetel1
    Jun 23, 2008
      A couple of questions. 3 actually.

      Ive got a older dos programe that uses TF drivers TFPCX 2.73 and TFX etc.
      Is there a TF emulation for BOQ32 that would allow me to use BPQ32
      with this package?

      Ive been using BPQ32 for some time on a old Win98 machine but the TNC2
      emulation brings up a error. From what Ive read the virtual serial
      port driver requires windows XP but the TNC2 emulation requires the
      virtual driver so that even the TNC2 emulation is a XP only
      application. Is this correct?

      If I get the TNC2 emulation going then does it work in Converse mode?
      I see that sending a K connects you to the switch so maybee it does
      not have a converse mode.

      Tony VK5AH