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10789RE: [BPQ32] linbpq Version

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  • John Wiseman
    Jun 16, 2013
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      Can you explain that you are trying to achive?
      As you have it at the moment, the statement creates a station NL3DHR as part of you node, then tries to connect to it over port 3, which suggests it is another system. You can't have two stations with the same callsign.
      73, John

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      When i make an application some things dont work as i want to work

      When i tried to add ( APPLICATION 1,BBS,C 3 NL3DHR,NL3DHR,DHRBBS,255 )
      it won't connect to nl3dhr om port 3 the connect is goin nowwhere.

      But when i make it APPLICATION 1,BBS,C 3 NL3DHR,,,255 the connect is workin but i don't have a netrom node to nl3dhr.

      The next application is workin fine to bpqmail server APPLICATION 2,PMS,,NL4DHR,NLA,255.

      I thing i do something wrong here

      73, Ascal

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