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10687Changes to CMS Servers

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  • John Wiseman
    Jun 2, 2013
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      The message below has been posted to various support groups. January 30th is a typo - the change will occur on June 30th.
      Sysops only:

      Last January we announced a change to CMS servers to support a new (and much needed) Secure CMS access mechanism for gateways in the network. Also, we released new versions of RMS Packet, RMS Trimode and RMS Relay that fully support the new method of access. To allow third party gateways (chiefly LinuxRMS and BPQ32) time to upgrade and release new versions, we announced that we would continue to support the old insecure CMS login mechanism for six months.

      On January 30, 2013 we will deactivate the old login support on the CMS cluster and will require all gateways to use the new Secure CMS Login mechanism. This announcement is to raise awareness that the deadline is now only 30 days away.

      The latest versions of gateway software are listed at www.winlink.org/RMSVersions. Please view this report.

      If you use RMS Packet, RMS Trimode, or RMS Relay:
      All current software versions support the new Secure CMS Login. Be sure you are running up-to-date software. If you run a version released before January, it is likely your gateway will cease function on January 30.

      If you use BPQ32, LinBPQ, or LinuxRMS:
      Check with the program author for the latest version to support Secure CMS Login. As of today, we do not believe the latest available versions of either program support the new secure login method. Brian Eckert has said to expect the release of Linux RMS Version 2.3 any day. John Wiseman has recently informed us that he has a version under test that meets the new CMS login requirements.

      For information, as of June 1 the following online gateway stations are reporting they are running obsolete software: Please update!

      AAR1AU RMS Trimode
      AAR4BQ RMS Packet
      AAR4BQ-10 RMS Packet
      AE6EQ-7 RMS Packet
      AFB4KY RMS Trimode
      EA8AYT RMS Trimode
      EI3RCW-10 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      IQ3VQ-15 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      K4MCK-10 RMS Packet
      K5VCT-10 RMS Packet
      K7IEU-10 RMS Gateway LNX2.0.1
      K7PKT-10 BPQ32
      KA9LCF-10 BPQ32
      KB1TCE-10 BPQ32
      KB2FAF-10 RMS Gateway LNX2.0.3
      KC7OAS-10 RMS Packet
      KC7ODP-10 RMS Packet
      KC7SOY-10 RMS Packet
      KC9CZH-10 RMS Packet
      KD6PJW RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      KE5ISM-10 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      KE6AFE-10 RMS Packet
      KF9NU-10 BPQ32
      N0QBJ RMS Gateway LNX2.0.1
      N3KNT-10 RMS Packet
      N3UP-10 RMS Relay
      N5UMJ-10 RMS Packet
      N7AST RMS Packet
      N7GPO RMS Packet
      N7GPO-10 RMS Packet
      N9VT-10 BPQ32
      NNG9PL RMS Packet
      NNG9PL RMS Trimode
      NS7C-10 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      NS9RC RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      OE3XAR-10 RMS Gateway LNX2.0.0
      VE3PRC-10 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      VE6HM RMS Gateway LNX2.0.3
      W0BJI RMS Packet
      W0BJI RMS Relay
      W0BJI-10 RMS Packet
      W0BZN-10 RMS Gateway LNX2.0.3
      W0VG-10 BPQ32
      W3EOC-10 RMS Packet
      W6AB-10 RMS Packet
      W6ACS-10 RMS Packet
      W6ACS-11 RMS Packet
      W6ACS-12 RMS Packet
      W7HWY-10 RMS Packet
      WA0RES-10 BPQ32
      WA7EOC-10 RMS Packet
      WE4NC-10 RMS Gateway 2.1.0
      WU3V-10 BPQ32
      WW7CH-10 RMS Packet

      Thanks for helping the network move ahead gracefully!

      Lor W3QA
      Winlink Development Team
      If you use BPQ32 or LinBPQ to access the CMS Servers via the "CMS Telnet" feature, you will need to enable the Secure Logon Mechanism. The latest LinBPQ includes supports for this. I hope to release a version of Windows BPQ32 with Secure Login in the next day or two. if you want to test Secure Access before that you can download an updated bpq32.dll from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31910649/bpq32.zip
      To enable Secure Access you need to add two lines to your Telnet Server Config.
      CMSCALL=CALLSIGN ; CMS Access Callsign
      CMSPASS=XXXXXXX ; Secure CMS Password
      CMSCALL should be set to the callsign+ssid used to access the RMS Gateway
      CMSPASS is your Secure Signon Password. This is the same as your winlink.org webmail password - if you don't already have one or have forgotten it, see http://www.winlink.org/WMInstructions for details of how to retrieve your password, or set one if you don't have one,
      All gateway stations also need to be authorised by the WL2K team. Gateways that were active when the new system was first introduced should have been enabled automatically, but if not you may need to request access. If you can't access the CMS after enabling Secure Access check the CMSAccess_yyyymmdd.log file in your BPQ32 folder for any error messages.
      73, John G8BPQ

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