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10685RE: [BPQ32] Cross Port Digipeat

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  • Richard
    Jun 2, 2013

      Steve, yes its somewhat frustrating - *Smile ….


      If I can’t get it right, then I’ll have to revert to an external 3rd party program to provide the functions – thing is that LinBPQ has all the functions and takes over the job of AX25-tools etc. on Linux, which I like (have used AX25-tools etc. for many years) ..


      73, Dick ZS6RO




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      Hi Dick..


      Ok on your attempts to get it functioning there as well. 

      I did update to the newer version of LINBPQ and that

      got rid of an error it gave on startup of the program. I

      have tried changing both digiport and xdigi settings. Was

      hoping to see a config setup that worked :)   Will continue 

      to experiment with it here. 

      --steve--   IPod Touch

      On Jun 1, 2013, at 1:37 AM, "Richard" <yahoolist@...> wrote:


      I’ve also experienced these symptoms … Also mentioned to John to allow IS to radio digi’ing as well some time ago ..


      73, Dick ZS6RO




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      I have been playing around with the cross port digipeating

      function in linbpq without success.   Wondering if anyone

      has used this yet ??   I am interested in digipeating a ui wx

      beacon from axip/udp to rf.




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