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10589UIview32 not transmitting with BPQ32_6.0.1.1_20130322 [3]

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  • g4fvg
    May 14, 2013
      Thanks John for your information and to Ron KG6HSQ for his own confirmation in the last ten days or so, in message nr 10496.

      It would appear as though only two stations are using UIview32 with BPQ32 and with only my system not working with version, I'll have to stick with :-(

      Perhaps my UIview will work with the next upgrade version, as and when. I'll certainly try it! :-)

      = = = =

      In the meantime, would I be safe to over-install, copy the BPQAPRS files from that version; over-install and paste the new BPQAPRS files over the top of the old BPQAPRS files??

      Hopefully, by doing this, I can use the newer BPQAPRS with the older BPQ32 version... [or are there too many non-compatible changes between the two versions??]

      Thanks again,

      --- John wrote:
      > I've just found UIView32 on this system, and it seems to be working as well
      > Is anyone else having problems with V6 and UIView32 - or even
      > running it successfully?
      > _____
      > Mike wrote on 03 May 2013 15:28
      > Subject: [BPQ32] UIview32 not transmitting with BPQ32_6.0.1.1_20130322 [2]
      > Hello John and the group,
      > Many thanks for your prompt/timely reply - much appreciated [as is
      > all the work that you have done with BPQ32 in the past few
      > months/years!]
      > Just to check my installation, I 'over-installed' on top of
      > and UIview transmits as before [along with BPQ32 terminal,
      > Winpack, BPQ terminal in Winpack and BPQAPRS messaging]. All OK.
      > Then tried again, restarted computer, then clicked on
      > BPQHostmode to call the console screen up. Using the separate
      > terminal window, normal connection requests/transmissions occur.
      > BPQAPRS is also OK with messages being acknowledged.
      > These tests were done without UIview being loaded.

      > However when UIview is loaded after the above, UIView32 once again
      > does not transmit anything, but happily receives incoming data.
      > With UIview still loaded, Winpack IS transmitting OK, as is BPQAPRS.
      > From the above, it appears as though something has changed with
      > the way that exchanges information with UIView [ONLY],
      > compared to ???
      > [All my BPQ files have remained the same, all I do is just to
      > double click on the .exe installer files; I'm a simple plug and
      > play operator!!!]
      > I'm willing to try anything else - in the meantime, I'll go back to
      > [for info, I prefer UIview's station tracking feature and its
      > messaging, compared to BPQAPRS. But the BPQAPRS online maps are
      > great!! ]
      > Thanks,
      > Mike
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