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1054RE: [BPQ32] fbb as a second application

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  • Mike Melnik
    Jun 11, 2008
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      We need to first know what FBB your are running 7.00 E, G I or 7.01-35? How ever neither of the WFBB needs

      An Application if the FBB BBS Call is the Same as BBSCALL= in BPQ32U, in the latest release of BPQ32U_410d

      2008Mar03 and newer releases John and Ron are recommending to commit out the following and possibly in newer

      releases will no long exist:






      Replacing it with:






      So at this point either method will work, If you do use the APPL1CALL= and is same as FBB BBBS Call Mask=0x0

      Remember to compile the BPQCFG.TXT to the .BIN by running the BPQCFG.exe without BPQ/FBB Running, there

      Are two .DLL’S that need to be used in the FBB\BIN to communicated with BPQ,

      Tfwin32.dll       (For 32 Bit FBB)


      Tfwin.dll           (For 16 Bit FBB)


      If for 7.00 Series WFBB Communication Configuration chose COM 8 Interface TFWIN

      In Ports Configuration Port 1 Com 8 MUX=Number of Ports in BPQ, Select WA8DED and Gateway.


      Mike Melnik


      Web Site: http://n9pmo.dyndns.org


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      I am having trouble getting this to work.
      Does fbb need to be appl2 or 8?

      Jim wu3v

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