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10465RE: [BPQ32] Thanks to All

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  • John Wiseman
    May 1, 2013
      Is is worth reading the docs!
      The RMS line uses an application alias to connect via the telnet port - the C n CMS bit. The BBS line connects to an application on the same node, so the 4th field is left bank.
      73, John

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      I had look inside bpq32.cfg and saw the original RMS application line and tried to emulate it with a new line;


      Well – It didn’t blow anything up! But going into the system with internet browser I could only see;

      BPQ32 Node W4JPA-10

      Routes/Nodes/Ports/Links/Users/Stats/Terminal/Driver Windows/Stream Status

      Can you do me a favour and peek in you bpq32.cfg and tell me what your APPLICATION line for the BBS is?




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      Subject: [BPQ32] Thanks to All



      Nothing technical (Yet) but I wanted to avoid the appearance of being a 'lurker' and say thanks for everyone's efforts in creating, maintaining and using a useful tool. For a few years I've been on a 'Ham Sabbatical' and am getting off my duff to re-engage.

      Now, to work configuring

      Phill WB4FCC

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