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10458RE: [BPQ32] Integrated BBS?

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  • Robert F Jarvis
    May 1, 2013

      Thanks John. Hated to bother you with all you’ve got going on but I trolled all over the place for this stuff.





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      The BBS is included - to activate it, either add the line




      to bpq32.cfg, or run linbpq with a parameter of mail. - id ./linbpq mail


      The are two steps to configuration. Add an APPLICATION line to bpq32.cfg - this will allow users to connect ro the bbs. Then configure the BBS using the web management interface. If you are running a gui on the pi, point the browser to (or whatever you've set HTTPPORT to. Then you wont need a password. If you are accessing it remotely (eg with ssh), enter the machines ip address:8080. You will have to sign in (using the user/password from the Telnet Server config) to access the main config pages.


      Once the BBS is configured, you have to restart LinBPQ to pick up the change.




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      Subject: [BPQ32] Integrated BBS?


      I have Linbpq32 running but not sure if the integrated BBS is already in it - if so how do I access it? Where do/can I set up MYCALL-8 etc. Do I need to add some module?

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