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10293RE: [BPQ32] Re: Chat questions

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  • John Wiseman
    Apr 2, 2013
      There are two timeouts, and a number of ways to get round them.
      First the network level timeout - the IDLETIME in the node config. This is normally 15 minutes, but can be varied by individual sysops.This is reset by traffic in etiher direction.
      The chat server has a two hour disconnect timer. This is only reset by input from the user, not by data received from other uers.
      There is a chat server setting /Keepalive which when enabed sends you a message after around 10 minutes without any other output. This will reset the network IDLETIME and keep you connected for two hours (7200 seconds) without input. This can be used however you are connecting to Chat.
      If you are using one one the BPQ Terminals (Chat Console, BPQ32 MDI Terminal Window, BPQTerminal or BPQTermTCP), there is a "Chat Terminal Mode" flag under options. This sends a couple of NULL characters after 10 minute or so of inactivity.These reset the Chat Server timeout, but are otherwise ignored. WIth this setting, you can remain connected essentially for ever, aprat from Node or Network failures.
      73, John

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      Thanks for the clue on editing the telnet config. That works now.

      Some more questions on the chat server. Ive found that after 7200 seconds or 2 hrs that you are forcibly disconnected from the server. This may well be a function of the Node connection rather than the Chat server. I have Keepalive enabled and this is working.
      I can not see where abouts in the configs that 2 hrs or 7200 seconds comes into play that it would disconnect.
      Any ideas ?
      Also is there a way that I can arrange for users to connect directly into the chat server on login to the node without having to type "chat" ? That would be a handy thing.
      Ive been using BPQ32 for years but never played with these features really.


      Tony VK5AH

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