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10163RE: [BPQ32] [LinBPQ] APRS

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  • Richard
    Mar 21, 2013

      Haven’t tried any APRS messages yet … On our local 144.8MHz channel I’m sure (I think I’ve done it), I could ‘relay’ any IS traffic to the RF channel in filtered form so as not to bring the RF channel to its knees ..


      What I’m trying to do is ‘relay’ or take filtered IS traffic and pipe it a RF channel - the other way works fine … The idea behind this is to allow radio users (without Internet) to experience getting all the APRS users in our major cities and towns in South Africa .. The amount of APRS traffic doing this is so minor compared to the UK, Europe or USA APRS networks that it will have little impact on the channel ..


      73, Dick ZS6RO





      Are you saying replies (from IS) to APRS messages sent from RF are not being sent to RF? That is the only thing allowed from IS to RF. This follows the guidelines from the designer of APRS-IS.



      John, you say ‘gates to RF’ – that’s what I want – gate the IS to port-1 via a suitable filter  (By ‘gate’ I assume the ‘iGate’, ‘APRS-IS’) … I want the gating to RF to be selective – on one port but not on another port or if necessary, gate to both RF ports .. I can’t seem to find any way to gate to RF port-1 – it will ‘gate; from RF port01 to IS ..

      73, Dick ZS6RO


      The code only gates to RF replies to messages sent by an rf user, and a position report for the the station that sent that reply. There is no general IS > RF gating,


      How does one get APRS-IS to transmit to a radio port – filter is set, iGate is configured ?? .. I have no problem with getting a radio port to send to ‘IS’ … I have no problem with the radio port digi’ing RF APRS packets on the same channel  ..

      I tried “ Digimap IS= 1 “ but get a warning error when restarting LinBPQ.

      Also with LinBPQ I do n’t see any APRS pull-down menu on the web page manager - should I ?? .. Haven’t seen it in LinBPQ at all ..

      73, Dick ZS6RO

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