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Bikes FS: any interest?

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  • Doug Van Cleve
    Howdy folks. I have too many bikes sitting around and some purchases I would like to make in the next year, so I am wondering if any of you are interested in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003
      Howdy folks.

      I have too many bikes sitting around and some
      purchases I would like to make in the next year, so I
      am wondering if any of you are interested in any of
      these bikes. If you are interested at all, I will
      pull them down and get all of the details.

      #1- Gitane Tour de France. Probably from about '85,
      ~55cm C-T with ~55cm top tube. Dark metallic orange
      with full chrome fork, Vitus tubing. I think it is
      original except for the rims, bar/stem and seatpost.
      Ofmega hubs and Mistral crank, Suntour S-P rear der.
      and Cyclone MKII front with generic indexing/friction
      Suntour shifters. Rims appear to have been replaced
      and are MA-40s that show no wear. Bar/stem are SR or
      something like that, seatpost is Strong. Worn but not
      torn Turbo seat, good yellow bar tape. Black Modolo
      brakes and levers with nice anatomic hoods. Some
      scratches but good condition. $300

      #2- new Redline Monocog SS. Size small from last year
      (15" w/ 22.5" top tube), black. All the components
      are nicer than the standard Monocog parts except maybe
      the hubs. Handbuilt wheels with Ambrosio rims and BMX
      flip-flop hubs. 175mm Stronglight compact cranks,
      Shimano cartridge BB, DiaCompe headset, Titec seatpost
      and stem, Race Face riser bar. DiaCompe levers and
      v-brakes. I think all of the components except that
      bar, stem and brake levers are new. No seat, cables
      or chain, 15T metric freewheel only. $300

      #3- Panasonic "track" bike. Very lightly used,
      probably from the early 80s. 56x56 cm (C-T). Lugged
      metallic black cro-mo frame and fork (not sure if it
      is double butted). Sunshine flip-flop rear hub with
      Araya double wall double eyelet rim (4x galvanized
      spokes). Front wheel rebuilt by me using original rim
      and NOS Suntour S-P hub with 14/15 Sapim spokes, 3x.
      Cranks are 165mm Sugino Super Maxy with swaged on 48T
      1/8" chainring. Bar is narrow Nitto crit/track bend
      with nice crest and Nitto stem (2 to choose from). I
      don't think it has had brakes mounted, but it is
      drilled front and rear for nutted brakes (no
      braze-ons). No seat, bar tape or cog. $300

      #4- Peugeot UE-8. This is about a 56cm bike and is
      kind of interesting because it uses Rigida steel 700C
      rims. Maybe bought in Europe and brought back over
      here? Anyway, it is the deluxe (gaspipe) bike boom
      Peugeot with built in rear rack, stainless steel
      fenders and dynamo lighting. It is purple and looks
      good for its age, but has some damage to the decals.
      It is all original except for the tires and taillight
      which was missing. I found one that I'm guessing is
      similar and modified it to fit the hole in the rear
      fender. Stronglight steel cottered double cranks,
      Normandy high flange hubs with QRs, Simplex Prestige
      shifters and ders. Steel drop bars with Pivo alloy
      stem, weird rubbery plastic seat suspended by hidden
      springs underneath. Mafac centerpulls and levers. No
      tape and cables/housing need replacing. $100

      #4- bike boom Gitane. Don't know the model, but it
      competed with the Peugeot UO-8 I'm sure. ~56 cm
      frame, undoubtedly gaspipe. I picked this up for a
      song and have replaced all of the steel components
      except the seatpost and Huret shifters and Allvit
      ders. Cosmetically is is probably about a 6/10 with
      plenty of scratches but no major rust and most decals
      still decent. It has its original painted to match
      steel front fender and an Esge rear. It has alloy
      bars and a Pivo stem, Weinmann concave 27" rims with
      Normandy QR low flange hubs (rear hub needs a spacer
      removed on the freewheel side and redishing). Nervar
      star cranks, Mafac brake levers and centerpulls and a
      slightly flared Adga leather saddle. $125

      Please let me know if any of these interest you as I
      would like to get rid of at least a couple of them for
      space and $ reasons. Shipping not included, but I
      will do my best to keep the cost low.

      Thanks, Doug

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