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Bottechia, Evans, Bridgestone RB-1 Road Bike Framesets and parts (craigslist / San Francisco)

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  • bhufford3@mchsi.com
    Not mine ... (pics on site) Bob Hufford Springfield, MO ... Bottechia and Evans Road Bike Framesets and parts (fremont / union city) Reply to:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006
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      Not mine ... (pics on site)

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO


      Bottechia and Evans Road Bike Framesets and parts (fremont / union city)

      Reply to: sale-139063056@...
      Date: 2006-03-04, 5:39PM PST

      Looking to sell both of these Bottechia and Evans as pictured. Have other road
      bike stuff in storage as well such as 80s or early 90s Bridgestone RB 1s, 700,
      1983 Trek 560, 80s Specialized Allez SE, Bianchi Squadra and Veloce, Giant
      Cadex Carbon fiber, etc. I have wheelsets as well for more the 80s road
      framesets; yet do not have photos. The photos of the Bridgestones and Fat
      Chance Mtn Bike were taken over the summer. I am likely to get rid of the road
      bike stuff and will likely keep the Fat Chance as I have given up road riding
      and road collecting. I have gotten tons of emails from outside the area as
      well. Would prefer local transactions and may prefer for someone to maybe make
      a bulk deal. I go to most of the local bike swap meets so I have an approximate
      idea of the pricing, yet I do not think I will be selling at the upcoming
      Cupertino Bike Swap meet in April. If you have gone to the local bike swap
      meets between 1994-2002 such as Trips for Kids or Cupertino or Mill Valley, I
      was the seller who had mostly BMX at his space. I started collecting the road
      stuff in the 2000s and now want to focus just on BMX and early Mtn Bikes. If
      you have any older BMX stuff (made in USA or made in Japan) from the 1970s and
      1980s or early Mtn Bike Stuff such as Colorado made Yeti or the early style
      Slingshot Mountain Bikes, would be interested in making trades. Here are the
      sizing of the available items. They are in inches as my tape measure does not
      have the metric conversion. I am going to list the top tube lengths (tt) and
      the seat tube height (st). the measurement would be from center to center and
      you can add 1.5 inches for bottom of bottom bracket to top of the seat tube.
      Evans frameset and parts 22.5(st) and 22 (tt) - this has campy brev dropouts.
      Bottechia frameset and parts 21.5 (st), 22 (tt), blue Bianchi Squadra (Italian
      made) 19 (st) and 20 (tt), Bianchi purple veloce (Italian made) frameset 21
      (st) and 21.5 (tt), Bridgestone RB 1 frameset and cranks (tall) 24 (st) and
      21.5 (tt), Bridgestone RB 1 21.5 (st) and 21.5 (tt), Specialized Allez SE 21.5
      (st) and 21.5 (tt), Trek 560 (1983 model reynolds) 23 (st) and 22.5 (tt). Giant
      Cadex measurements are 18.5 (st) and 20 (tt). Most the road bikes have 600
      components. As the wheelsets were stored separately from some of the framesets,
      there could be a possibility of mismatching rims or tires.

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