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Re: Terranaut Road Bike 67cm Lugged Cro-Moly Moustache Bars

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  • Forbes Bagatelle-Black
    tinyurl seems to be down today. My auction is at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7194761556&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Yours,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2005
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      tinyurl seems to be down today. My auction is at:



      Forbes Bagatelle-Black

      --- In BOBishBikesFS@yahoogroups.com, "Forbes Bagatelle-Black"
      <diarmaede@y...> wrote:
      > Please visit my auction at:
      > http://tinyurl.com/8nwcu
      > Punting on the Thames this morning? Croquet and high tea with the
      > Duchess this afternoon? Arrive in elegance and style on "The Ariel" by
      > Terranaut.
      > Swift enough to keep up with the racing lads, rugged enough for jaunts
      > on well-groomed walking trails, and comfortable enough for all-day
      > excursions, this fine bicycle has the classic lines which will impress
      > the Queen Mum at her next fete.
      > Note that this is not a custom frame. It is, however, a wonderful
      > example of the exceptionally high quality of certain bikes built in
      > Japan during the "Golden Age" of lugged-steel bicycle manufacturing. I
      > estimate that it was built in the early-to-mid eighties. The main
      > triangle is built from Ishiwata "025" butted cro-moly tubing. Experts
      > have described Ishiwata cro-moly tubing as "virtually identical to
      > Columbus SP/SL/SLX" (http://www.sheldonbrown.com/japan.html -
      > ishiwata). The "025" tubeset used in this frame is designed to be
      > quite sturdy, which is appropriate due to the large size of this frame
      > and the anticipation of heavier riders. The frame does weigh a bit
      > more than those built from "019" or "022" tubing, which were designed
      > for ultra-light racing bicycles.
      > In choosing components for the frame, I attempted to emulate the best
      > characteristics of various bicycles made by Rivendell or the classic
      > Bridgestone XO-1s of the 1990s. I am not implying that this bicycle is
      > of comparable quality to a Rivendell. Very few bikes are. However, a
      > Rivendell Atlantis or Rambouillet, nicely set up, can easily cost more
      > than $3000. A custom Rivendell can top $4000 without much of a
      > stretch. Even a thirteen-year-old XO-1 can fetch more than $1000 if it
      > is pristine, and the largest size made was 59cm. In setting up "The
      > Ariel," I tried to capture the spirit of these bicycles on a budget
      > which most people could afford.
      > I overhauled everything on the bicycle other than the pedal bearings
      > (they felt soooo smooth, I followed the axiom, "If it ain't broke,
      > don't fix it!") I used Phil Wood waterproof grease in the bottom
      > bracket, headset and hubs. The frame and fork have knicks, scuffs and
      > scratches as one would expect in a bicycle this old, but the chain,
      > freewheel and bearing surfaces all looked almost unused. I think the
      > scratches were sustained in storage. Everything is in wonderful
      > condition. This bicycle needs nothing other than minor assembly out of
      > the shipping boxes.
      > I included small touches to improve performance and comfort, such as
      > durable, comfortable cork handlebar tape, all new cables and housings
      > and Shimano Dura Ace downtube cable guides with barrel adjusters for
      > on-the-fly derailleur tuning.
      > I searched high and low for wheels that were lightweight, sturdy and
      > in character for this bicycle. I found a beautiful set with Weinmann
      > rims and Maillard/Atom high-flange hubs. They have a bit more wear on
      > them than the other components, but they are in very good condition
      > and will serve you well for many thousands of miles if you take care
      > of them. Of course, I transferred the bike's original freewheel over
      > to the new wheelset.
      > Note also that this 67cm frame is designed for people 6'3" and taller.
      > If you are of insufficient stature to handle this bicycle safely,
      > please do not bid.
      > Bicycle Specifications
      > Frame:
      > - Built from Ishiwata "025" tubing with butted cro-moly main triangle
      > - Seat tube is 67cm center-to-center, 68cm center-to-top
      > - Top tube is 56cm from the center of the seat lug to the center of
      > the head tube
      > - Chainstays are 43.2cm
      > - Forged Suntour drop-outs with single eyelets front and rear. Rear
      > drop-outs are horizontal with plenty of back-and-forth adjustment
      > room. This would make a wonderful single/fixie if that is your passion
      > - Plenty of clearance for fenders, if you choose to add them later
      > Drivetrain:
      > - Crankset - Shimano Dura Ace, circa ~1976, with 170mm crank arms.
      > 52/42 double. Excellent condition
      > - Freewheel - 6-speed, 13-28. Excellent condition
      > - Rear Derailleur - Shimano Exage. Excellent condition
      > - Front Derailleur - Shimano Sora triple. Brand new. Note that I
      > purchased and installed a triple derailleur in case the buyer wishes
      > to install a triple crankset. I've limited travel on the front
      > derailleur so it works perfectly on the double crankset currently
      > installed
      > - Shift Levers - Suntour "Barcon" ratcheting bar-end levers. Very good
      > condition
      > - Pedals - MKS rebuildable quill pedals with aluminum cages. Chromed
      > steel toeclips and leather straps included
      > - Brand new derailleur cables and housing
      > Steering:
      > - Handlebars - Moustache bars, 56cm in width, brand new. See:
      > http://www.stanford.edu/~dru/moustache.html
      > for a nice description of moustache bars
      > - Stem - 90mm Atax aluminum stem. I installed a shorter stem to go
      > with the moustache bars, which have quite a bit more extension than do
      > standard drop bars. Fair-to-good condition with some nicks and scratches
      > - Handlebar tape - Cork tape. Natural cork color. Brand new
      > - NOTE: I have several pairs of aluminum drop-style road bars which I
      > would swap out for the moustache bars if you prefer, but I strongly
      > encourage you to try the moustache bars. You will not be disappointed.
      > Note that if I do install drop bars, I will also install a 120 or
      > 130mm stem to go with them
      > Brakes:
      > - Calipers - Dia-Compe aluminum sidepull brakes with brand new pads
      > - Levers - Shimano RX-100 aero levers. Minor cosmetic damage on the
      > rubber hood of one lever
      > - Brand new brake cables and housing
      > Wheels:
      > - Rims - 36 hole Weinmann aluminum. 27 inch. Note that these are not
      > Weinmann's "concave" rims. They are the type with the raised curve
      > down the middle of the rim. They are somewhat lighter than the concave
      > rims, but are quite sturdy none-the-less. Well used, but well cared
      > for as well. They are in very good condition.
      > - Hubs - Maillard/Atom "Normandy" hubs, high flange. Good condition.
      > - Tires - 27 X 1&1/4" blackwall tires. Brand new
      > - Tubes - 27" thorn resistant tubes with schrader (automobile style)
      > valves. Brand new
      > Seating:
      > - Seat Post - Lightweight aluminum seat post by Strong
      > - Saddle - Brooks B15. The saddle has one significant scuff mark, but
      > it is not structural. The tensioning screw has never been touched, so
      > buyer has plenty of room to adjust saddle stiffness.
      > About the Seller:
      > - I have more than five years experience as a professional bicycle
      > mechanic, including a stint as chief mechanic in a major shop outside
      > of Boston. For the past ten years, I have been an engineer in the
      > electric vehicle industry, but bicycles are still my first love.
      > I have set the reserve price for this bicycle at $255. Please do not
      > hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.
      > http://tinyurl.com/8nwcu
      > Yes, this is mine!
      > - Forbes Bagatelle-Black
      > Santa Clarita, CA
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