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FS: '83 Specialized Expedition Tourer (revised)

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  • Bob Hufford
    I ve revised the size on this a bit. The seat tube is closer to 54cm (c-c) and the standover height is 80cm or 31.5 . It is now on eBay at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003
      I've revised the size on this a bit. The seat tube is closer to 54cm (c-c)
      and the standover height is 80cm or 31.5". It is now on eBay at

      The $425 offer still holds for you all (but only if you take the buy it now
      and let me know). I've also included an NOS Blackburn front lowrider
      rack. The pics should all work now (if you take the "more pics" link from
      the first page -- see below).


      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO

      1983 Specialized Expedition tourer. 53cm (c-c) seat tube, 53cm (c-c) top
      tube, 44cm chainstays. Double butted cro-mo tubes (specially made by
      Miyata), fully lugged, braze-ons for three water bottles and front
      (lowrider) and rear racks. Internally wired for a bottom bracket
      generator. 48x44x28, 170mm Sugino AT triple (half-stepped) crank with MKS
      Sylvan pedals. 14-28 SunTour 6-speed freewheel. SunTour Mountech front
      and rear derailleurs. Shimano cantilever brakes with SunTour Superbe
      levers. Specialized (Sanshin) sealed hubs (40 spoke, 126mm-OLD rear -- 36
      spoke front) with 700c Super Champion rims with Schrader valves. Still
      sporting the original Specialized front tire and a Discovery kevlar belted
      rear with Mt./Zefal plastic fenders (threaded fender eyelets). Specialized
      bars and stem, SR Laprade post, padded Viscount saddle. Specialized sealed
      bottom bracket and Specialized headset. New Blackburn EX-2 rear
      rack. Some chips, scratches and decal damage. Not bad for a 20-year-old
      touring bike. All the original components have lots of life
      left. Cosmetically, the seat post is the worst, and there are scratches on
      the tops of the bars from a front bag rack. This would make an excellent
      tourer as is or the frame would make the base (once the rear triangle was
      spread) for modern components. Comparable frames today would cost hundreds
      alone. This bike is considered one of the best production tourers of all
      time. I've had it about a year (came out of Santa Fe, NM) and have used it
      occasionally as a short distance commuter (yes, the bars are untaped and
      the brake levers are uneven -- I was playing around with
      positioning). Rear wheel is a little out of true (haven't had time to
      fix). It really is too small for me and I have located a larger '85
      model. Contact me with any questions or photo requests.

      Pics here: <http://home.mchsi.com/~bhufford3/specialized.html>

      If you have trouble with the pics loading (they are on two different
      servers -- one being Yahoo!/GeoCities), contact me at <bhufford3@...>
      and I'll send them via email.

      Thanks for reading (and the years of support),

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO
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