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    From: Rivendell Bicycle Works To: CharlesNighbor Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 2:29 PM Subject: RBWHBS Back in
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      Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 2:29 PM
      Subject: RBWHBS

      Back in stock... good stuff.

      Tax time
      Cheap Dutch Fender Light, German ClipperThese new Spanninga Pixeo fender lights are going out on lots of builds and growing on the staff bikes. And at $13 for a quite bright Euro-spec tail light, they make a great cheap bolt-on upgrade to any city bike. Ideally you have a fender to bolt them to, but they work fine on the Nitto rack tabs too. Always there when you need it, never easily stolen when you're away. We also started stocking this German taillight that clips onto Sackville light loops or clamps onto your seatstays or seatpost. A few primo dyno headlights also on sale.
      March Sale Item: Nitto "Top Rack"Nitto's beautiful medium-duty rear rack (part number R14).  This is our go-to saddlebag supporter, rear basket holder, or TrunkSack base when you don't want or need panniers. Stock up during March with coupon "toprack" at checkout for 10% off up to four Top Racks. Expires 3/31/13.
      Fatty Rumpkin is Back!Our classic 650b x 41mm negative-tread design Fatty Rumpkins now with beefed up sidewalls and an extra "Panaracer says better than kevlar" protection belt. The sidewalls are reddish now instead of gum. Why? Dunno, but it looks good.
      Sam & Betty Frames - Last Chance at old sizes.We are selling through our remaining inventory of old-size Sams and Betties and restocking only in the NEW sizes. They fit almost the same spread of riders, but when they're gone, they're gone. What this means to you? Only if you're under 5'3" or so should you be concerned.The 48cm Sams - LAST CHANCE. New sizing starts at 51cm.  If you are 5'3" or less are thinking about a Sam call soon. Ask for Jared. Homers are still available in all smaller sizes, but cost almost twice as much. Here's a great looking ready-to-ride example for a good price.We’re doing one last run of 47cm Betties, and from then on it’ll be 50-55-60cm.  So again, if you're on the short end of the size spectrum don't wait for us to sell out. C'est la vie, our last run of 47's is moving fast, we must have saturated the x-small lugged mixte market by now.The new Sam sizes, arriving in May, are 51, 55, 58, and 62. No more 64 Sams. The 51
      is the only 650B’er, and the 58 and 62 will have the second top tube. Same color forever now: Greyblue with cream. 
      Musa Wool
      Short Sleeve Tees & Undies Back in StockWe ran out of the old greyish blue fabric during the order run and got a different color so new 100% merino wool colbalt-blue tees are available in addition to the greyish undies (shown above) and tees, which are back in stock. If you haven't tried our 100% merino wool boxer shorts yet they will change everything you know about crotch comfort. Loose fitting (longer than the first run too), soft and light weight, with all the moisture-wicking, not-stinking benefits of wool. We call them "the weekender."Also got some Aussie Wool Undies with flies by mistake and will not restock, so if you like flies...
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