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1986 Bridgestone 450 - around 60cm, mostly original, lugged 4130 (San Diego)

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  • sherman.thecat
    Here s the catalog: http://sheldonbrown.com/bridgestone/1986/pages/14-bridgestone-450.html Here s mine:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2012
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      Here's the catalog:

      Here's mine:

      Mine's in ok condition, suffering more from dust and grime than any structural problems. Will clean up nice. Rear wheel needs a tube and a spoke, everything needs a good wipedown. Frame is straight, paint is good, and I think everything except the seat is original.

      I measured 24" center to center, and it's about 33.5" standover, so I think it's the 23" model. But maybe the 25"?

      I'd trade for a nice 700c internally geared wheelset, or? $150 cash. Not a bad deal I hope, it's a very nice frame and the Sakae cranks are great, the Shimano light action stuff is good too.

      Less BOBishly, I'm also selling an amazing Ritchey Plexus:

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