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1978 61cm Trek touring - $400

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  • James Bond
    Not mine Pix on link. http://slo.craigslist.org/bik/3097540999.html 1978 Trek lugged steel loaded-touring bike, a classic rare Trek, handmade in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2012
      Not mine Pix on link.


      1978 Trek lugged steel "loaded-touring" bike, a classic rare Trek,
      handmade in Waterloo,Wisc., USA, when Trek was a tiny company
      hand-building custom made frames (as difficult as that is to believe),
      most of which were sold to bike shops as framesets, frame size 24 inches
      (61.0cm) center to center, recently rebuilt with high quality Japanese
      made vintage parts-examples: crank is Deore triple 175mm with 28-38-48
      rings, Deore ders., gorgeous early Nitto Pearl stem, old beautiful
      Shimano 600 hubs with the oil holes and clips (copies of old Campy
      Record) a ready-to-use, beautiful vintage bike, serial number M4B8B89, I
      believe the model to be a 510 or 710 (please check internet
      "vintagetrek" gallery for photos and info on these very early Trek
      touring bikes) call 805 748 1236 for info, no email thanks----why am I
      selling?, I am a hoarder with way too many, decided to sell most,... if
      you've never ridden a high quality steel road bike DESIGNED for terrible
      rough roads, you will be amazed riding this bike, just a few miles on
      the most beat-up road you can find and you will fall in love, this
      bicycle was MADE for travelling "big miles" day after day at speed with
      total rider comfort, geometry of this frame is very similar to the
      "randonneur" old-style french touring bikes of many years ago (high
      quality, supremely practical, big-tired, do-everything road
      bikes)----and now very fashionable amongst the custom frame steel
      bicycle crowd, and currently being built by high end custom builders
      such as: Nobilette ("Rene Herse"), Peter Weigle, Boxer Bicycles,
      DiNucci, YiPsan, etc., etc.,.. check how few old Trek touring bikes are
      coming up on ebay, and check how scarce ANY of the classic production
      touring bicycles are (mostly these were japanese-made in the mid
      1980's), the Trek 520/620/720 and the Miyata 1000 from the mid-1980's
      were the common ones-but were made for only a few years, and don't be
      confused with the OTHER model 720 that Trek made later (why or why would
      they do this?), it's a crappy hybrid bike, and to add to the confusion,
      Trek made a totally different short wheelbase road bike in the mid
      1980's with the model number 510

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