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57cm 1984 Univega Specialissima Touring Bicycle Completely Refurbished - $775 (P

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  • Michael
    Not mine. 57cm 1984 Univega Specialissima Touring Bicycle Completely Refurbished - $775 (Playa Del Rey) Date: 2012-05-04, 9:36AM PDT Reply to:
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      Not mine.
      57cm 1984 Univega Specialissima Touring Bicycle Completely Refurbished - $775 (Playa Del Rey)

      Date: 2012-05-04, 9:36AM PDT
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      Title says it all - This 57cm 1984 Univega Specialissima has been rebuilt from the frame up.

      Fresh powdercoated frame with new decals, Mostly period correct suntour build with some modern components to make life easier. This bike was built to ride and tour, not collect. The Univega Specialissima is a Miyata-made, top of the line frame, and this model year had the best of everything. Lugged, double butted Miyata tubing, long chainstays, cantilever brakes, three sets of bottle bosses, eyelets for front and rear racks and fenders, and a relaxed, stable ride. New Brooks B17 saddle makes long rides comfortable and enjoyable. Aero routing for brake and shifter cables cleans up the cockpit and provides an uncluttered riding experience. Bar-end suntour friction shifters are the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use shifting system, despite their vintage nature.

      This bike is set up to be durable, rideable, functional, and still beautiful. It retains it's classic lines and looks, while integrating a few modern conveniences. The idea is that you will enjoy looking at it, but not be too afraid to actually ride it up the PCH with a tent strapped to the rack.

      I've been assembling, riding and tuning it for the past few years, and the time has come to start a new project. Come take a look, this is a rebuilt, well-loved top of the line classic touring bicycle with modern functionality and vintage style for far less money than a modern factory produced welded frame touring bike.

      When I bought the frame, the ebay seller told me it was 59cm and I took his word for it. Just measured it, and it's 57cm c-t seat tube and 57cm c-c top tube. I guess that's why it always felt smaller than I expected!

      The chainstays are long - I have my axle in about the middle of the horizontal dropouts and the BB-axle center measures 43cm. I think if you pulled the wheel and measured the actual maximum chainstay length it would easily be in the 46-47 range. Either way, I'm 6'1", and wear size 12 shoes and have never had heel strike even with the panniers fully loaded with groceries.

      27" rims, only because I already had them when I got the frame. It would easily adjust to 700c, due to the canti brakes being so adjustable. 36h, stainless spokes, rear rim is double wall. Tires are still basically new - I've probably put less than 100 miles on the bike in the past two years.

      Seatpost - OEM SR Laprade

      Seat - Brooks B17

      Levers - Aero (forget the brand - $20 canti drop bar levers)

      Stem - High rise stainless/alloy with drilled cable stop from vintage mtb - cuts down on messy parts. yeah, it also cuts out the quick release...if you want one, I can include it. I have it set up quite high - this is not a race bike, and I can sit in a quite comfortable position on top of the drops.

      Crankset - Sakae Ovaltech Mountain Triple - Sakae's competitor to the Shimano Biopace rings. I know some people hate them, but I was having fun with gimmicky tech stuff. I don't feel any difference in the higher gears, but the granny ring I can actually feel and do like. My ideal setup, I think, would be the ovaltech granny ring with the larger two rings using round rings. The crank will attach any ring, round or ovaltech, in case you would want to switch them out but still use the triple crank.

      All new cables and housing.

      FD - Vintage Suntour Mountech triple front derailleur - lightweight, aluminum, and with a big enough range to actually get to all three rings. It was harder than you'd think to find something vintage and nice looking that actually could get across all three, and account for the oval rings.

      RD - Vintage Suntour V-GT Luxe - This is the classic 80's Suntour touring derailleur. Here's a good writeup of it:http://www.disraeligears.co.uk/Site/SunTour_V_GT_Luxe_derailleur_%281500%29.html

      Bars - The drop bars are also vintage, I forget the brand, but believe they may have a Raleigh stamp on them. Either way, they are very light alloy touring drops.

      Suntour friction barends. I really hate how finicky indexed shifting can be, and with the goal of this bike being to tour, I wanted a system that could be dropped and banged around and still work after a long day. I've found the friction shifters to be almost instinctive, and after about the second ride, I never gave them another thought.

      Rack - a Blackburn rack will be included on the bike. The one I have in the pictures is staying with me to carry surfboards, as are the bags.

      All bottle rack and rack mount screws are stainless. I wouldn't do it, but I think you could actually leave this steel bike outside for quite awhile and end up with no rust.

      Paint - The bike has a fresh powdercoat and fresh reproduction decals from velocals.com. The powdercoat is bombproof, I've been really impressed with it, and most people I've talked to mistook it for paint, they did such a good job.
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