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1988, Centurion, Ironman Expert, white/blue-grey, pics, $250 (craigslist / Columbus)

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  • Bob Hufford
    1988, Centurion, Ironman Expert, white/blue-grey, pics, $250 (craigslist / Columbus) Not mine ... (pics) Bob Hufford Springfield, MO ... Wicked Awesome 88
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2010
      1988, Centurion, Ironman Expert, white/blue-grey, pics, $250 (craigslist / Columbus)

      Not mine ... (pics)

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO


      Wicked Awesome '88 Centurion Ironman Expert Road Bike - $250 (columbus)

      Date: 2010-11-30, 10:40AM EST
      Reply to: sale-kk34q-2087112276@...

      Centurion Iron Man Expert Dave Scott. Dave "The Man" Scott was totally better at exercising than anyone else in the 80s.
      Japanese Tange #1 lugged steel frame. that's sturdy and resilient. you could give this frame to your great grandkids.
      full Suntour GPX group, except for the new-ish Novara front wheel and old MKS touring pedals.
      so the shifters, derailleurs, rear hub, brake calipers, freewheel, crankset, brake levers and hoods are all Suntour GPX. that was like their version of Shimano 105, so third from the best.
      the shifting is indexed and extremely precise. it's very easy to shift, which makes the ride that much more enjoyable. this is not cheapo plastic Suntour crap.
      the headset is smooth and recently overhauled
      cool Japanese Cinelli rip-off Winpista handlebars
      brand new actual Cinelli blue cork bar tape
      shiny new derailleur and brake cables
      blingity new 7 speed silver chain
      barely ridden Vitorria Pro Action celeste tires

      The bike is from the late 80's, probably 1988 from what i can gather using the handy serial number decoder about a quarter of the way down the page on the link below. N8M6397 is stamped on the frame. Here's the info from Sheldon Brown's website:


      there's a rust spot about a four inches long on the seat stay (pictured below), and a few dots of rust here and there on the frame - none of these, including the large one, seem to be anything more than surface rust. they could all be repaired with some naval jelly and model paint, but i am not a frame restoring expert; if you just kept them dry i'm sure they would pose you no problem beyond the superficial. they're hardly noticeable. in fact the paint looks almost brand new, especially the weird burn mark zebra shark pattern on the fork, headtube, and rear triangle.

      there are MKS Touring pedals on the bike. i can swap them with some older Look clipless road pedals if you prefer, i just don't have the cleats. they're the Delta cleats and are $20 at a bike shop if you're interested in that. they're actually pretty awesome. you can't have that Masi saddle, tho. instead i will include a black Bianchi OEM saddle. email me questions.

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