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24" 1972 Schwinn Paramount Tourer, Madison CL, $900 OBO

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  • Russ
    Not mine. Pics. http://madison.craigslist.org/bik/1796040764.html Kept as a display bike in a dearlership for years! This pristine is a Deluxe Touring
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2010
      Not mine. Pics.


      Kept as a display bike in a dearlership for years! This pristine is a Deluxe Touring Paramount: 10 speed. Same as P15-9 but with 49/52 crank set and 14-16-18-23-26 freewheel cluster. 24" Frame. Serial number F72120, Lemon Yellow. Bought the bike from the dealer/owner when he closed the shop. Like new condition.
      •FRAME COMPONENTS: All frame components are manufactured from Reynolds 531 double butted tubing. The decal on the seat mast which reads "Guaranteed built with Reynolds 531 butted tubes, forks, and stays," makes these three important points:
      •The entire frame is manufactured from Reynolds 531 butted tubing.
      •Butted tubes are manufactured in such a way that at the points of greatest stress (near the br/azed joints), the guage of the tubing is thickened without, however, increasing the outside diameter. Double butted tubing therefore, is able to combine the ultimate in lightness with the ultimate in strength.
      •"531" tubing is unaffected by the temperatures required in the hand br/azing operation. The tubing therefore retains all of its original strength at the greatest points of stress.
      Additionally, all joints are further reinforced with Nervex Professional cut lugs. The rear stays are equipped with Campagnolo rear fork ends.

      All frame components are hand assembled.

      •FRAME SPECIFICATIONS: The P15 Paramount is available in seven frame sizes ranging from 20" to 26" (frame sizes are measured from the center of the crank hangar to the top of the seat mast). The head and seat mast are parallel with each other and form a 73-deg. angle with the wheelbase center line.
      •FRAME trIM: Chrome trim on the head lugs, fork crown, six inches of chrome trim on the rear fork and stays and the front fork.
      •FORK: The fork is manufactured from Reynolds 531 butted tubing which again, combines the best in lightness with the best in strength and resiliency. The fork has a 2" rake and is equipped with Campagnolo Gran Sport fork tips.
      •WHEELS: Assembled with Weinmann aluminum alloy rims on Campagnolo Record large flange road hubs. The spokes are .080-.060 gauge and are chrome plated. The hubs are equipped with a quick release machanism allowing the wheels to be removed without the use of tools.
      •TIRES: Standard equipment tires are wired-on high pressure 27" x 1-1/4" tires.
      •HANDLEBAR: Cinelli aluminum alloy drop style handlebars with Maes style road racing bend.
      •CRANK SET: The P15 Paramount is equipped with a triple plateau Campagnolo Nouvo Record crank set. This crank is a three-piece aluminum alloy crank set with 170MM (6-3/4") crank arms. The chainwheels are of aluminum alloy also and have 36, 49 and 54 teeth.
      •PEDALS: Campagnolo pedals with Christophe toe clips and Alfredo Binda toe straps.
      •SADDLE: br/ooks Professional all-leather saddle. All leather saddles used on Paramount models are "br/oken-in" at the Schwinn factory.
      •DERAILLEURS AND FREEWHEEL: Campagnolo Gran Turismo rear derailleur and Campagnolo Record front derailleur. The derailleurs are operated from shifting levers located on the bottom bar. The freewheel has sprockets of 14, 16, 19, 25 and 31 teeth.

      ASKING $900 but open to offers.
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