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56cm Rivendell Romulus - $950

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  • James Bond
    Not mine. Pix on link. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/1731121589.html Rivendell Romulus 56cm steel road bike in metallic baby blue. (Currently with orange
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2010
      Not mine. Pix on link.


      Rivendell Romulus 56cm steel road bike in metallic baby blue.
      (Currently with orange tires and handlebar tape).

      If you're looking at this auction chances are you probably don't need an
      introduction to Rivendell bicycles. People who are into them are nuts
      about them. If you don't know them: they make very high-end steel bikes
      based on a "classic" (first half of the 20th century) philosophy of
      bike design. Their bikes are often very close to the geometry of old
      French city/country bikes. If you want to know more:


      The Romulus has a "classic" (pre-late-80s) road bike geometry and takes
      700c wheels. It's their version of a normal road bike, designed for
      road riding and randonneuring (light touring). Beautiful braised lugs
      at all joints. It was discontinued a number of years ago (2005?),
      replaced first by the Rambouillet, and now by the Roadeo and the Sam
      Hillborne. (Note: the Sam Hillborne is one of their cheapest bikes and
      it costs $1250 just for the frame & fork alone.)

      Components are a mix of Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra, and 105, with some
      Sugino and Nitto:


      Front Derailleur: Dura Ace

      Rear Derailleur: Ultegra

      Crankset & Triple front chainring: Sugino

      Downtube Shifters: Dura Ace

      Headset: 105

      Bottom bracket: don't know

      Wheelset: Cane Creek "Aero Head" aero rims w/ heavy-duty spokes

      Hubs: Came Creek hubs, don't know the model name by they are an absolute
      work of art (see photos).

      Seatpost: Nitto

      Handlebars: Nitto "Classic" road bars, model #115

      Stem: Technomic quill

      Pedals: Shimano SPD

      Seat: Selle Italia -- superlight, stitched leather.


      The bike has been very lightly used by me since I purchased it in 2006.
      I used it for a couple of light tours around the bay area, but wound up
      needing a "heavy" touring bike for a trip to Japan (100lbs gear) -- so I
      built up a cross bike as a tourer for that trip. Since then, I tend
      take the heavier cross bike on touring trips -- and I just can't justify
      owning such a gorgeous "ride-me" bicycle, just to leave it sitting
      around idle in my apartment. It breaks my heart to do it, but it's time
      to pass this bike on to someone else who will ride it like it deserves
      to be.

      The bike is in excellent overall condition. There are a few small nicks
      and scuffs on the paint job here and there as can be expected from
      regular use -- but it's never been crashed, is mechanically in great
      shape, and is light, super fast, and ready to ride. It has been stored
      inside and babied with essentially no use for the last 3 years.

      Also -- I have a long torso relative to my legs, so the bike is set up
      with a long quill stem. If that does not match your ergonomic needs, I
      will include a shorter quill stem (same type, technomic) for free if you
      need it, I have a couple of shorter sizes to choose from. (You will
      have to install it yourself, though).

      I live close to 24th & Valencia street in the Mission -- I will be
      in and out running errands over the weekend, but if you'd like to drop
      by to see / ride the bike give me a ring and we can work out a time this

      I have one buyer in line so far who can't see the bike till Monday but
      who was very interested in it -- so I will probably offer him right of
      first refusal Monday, then offer the bike to everyone else in order of
      who contacts me first.

      Price: $950 --- this is probably one of the cheapest prices for a
      Rivendell bike you can find these days....

      (Pictures speak for themselves...)

      I will update this post with a link to more pictures, just don't have
      them up on a website yet --

      Thanks much!



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