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1994 59 cm C-T Bridgestone RB-1 For Sale

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  • stevegab
    I posted this on the I-BOB list, and I don t know if this reaches a larger audience, but here goes (if you ve seen this before, sorry for the duplication):
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
      I posted this on the I-BOB list, and I don't know if this reaches a
      larger audience, but here goes (if you've seen this before, sorry for
      the duplication):

      1994 Bridgestone RB-1, Red, with silver fork, see reason below. 59 cm
      C-T, with a 58.5 top tube, would probably fit someone in the 5' 10" to
      6' 0", range depending on the stem choice and how you like the bike to

      The bike has an Ultegra triple with corresponding triple front
      shifter; Salsa 90 degree stem; ITM 260 bars; WTB saddle; Ritchey post;
      rims are Ritchey's, I believe. Bike is in reasonable condition for an
      8 year old road bike, mainly paint chips and such. One major change
      is that the beautiful flat crown fork has been replaced by a GT
      aluminum fork. This was how I bought it, so no options for the
      original steel fork. Seems to ride true and straight.

      This is a decent, sturdy, entry-level bike for use as a rain bike or
      someone getting into riding. I am going to do a tune-up on it -
      overhaul everything (hubs, headset, etc), clean the chain, generally
      make sure that it is running well. Also, there are options
      for switching some stuff out - I believe that I still have the Ritchey
      stem, which is very pretty, and I can put a TTT forged stem on it if
      you like. Also, there are no pedals on it right now, and I was going
      to put Ritchey Logic road pedals on the bike to sell. These allow the
      use of Shimano SPD cleats (although Ritchey cleats are a little
      smoother on release) and are a very nice, svelte looking road pedal.
      If you want it without pedals, we can work out a deal.

      Price - I haven't checked the market for used road bikes very much, so
      how about $450? I have no idea if this is reasonable and I hope that
      people will tell me if this is too high, or at least the resounding
      silence will force me to lower the price.

      I live in Boulder, Colorado, under a blanket of snow at the current
      time, but if you are in the area and want to ride it, or even take it
      on a longer ride for an hour or so to see how it fits, let me know.

      Steve Gabbard
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