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1977, Centurion, Pro Tour, pics, 63cm, $275 (craigslist / Dallas)

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  • bhufford3@mchsi.com
    1977, Centurion, Pro Tour, pics, 63cm, $275 (craigslist / Dallas) Not mine ... (pics on site -- that I can t see from work) Bob Hufford Springfield, MO ...
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      1977, Centurion, Pro Tour, pics, 63cm, $275 (craigslist / Dallas)

      Not mine ... (pics on site -- that I can't see from work)

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO


      Vintage 1977 Centurion Pro-Tour - $275 (North Dallas / Richardson)

      Reply to: sale-864815373@... [?]
      Date: 2008-10-03, 10:04AM CDT

      For Sale: Vintage 1977 Centurion Pro-Tour / Color: Orange

      It's a tall one. Here are are the measurements I took.

      Standover height at 34.25" or 87 cm, Seat tube ctr to ctr at 63 cm or 24 3/4"
      Seat tube ctr to top at 64 cm top or 25.5" Top Tube: 58 cm ctr to ctr

      According to a Gary Fisher review (link below) it indicates 25 1/2 is the
      tallest frame offered that year which is the size of this one.

      It is in about average shape for it's age with the paint chipped up quite a bit
      but I liked the ride very much.
      It came with a small dent in the top tube that appears to be cosmetic only.
      The info I found indicates these bikes were strongly built. Check out the
      pictures to get an idea of the condition.

      It came with a front chrome fender but no rear fender although it does have a
      Blackburn rear rack.

      It has the brazed-on eyelets to accomodate racks & fenders in both the front &

      The Dia Compe centerpulls are bolted to the frame via a brazed on stud on each
      side rather than a center mounted bolt.
      They have good stopping power.

      I recently rode it 50 miles around Dallas (Some pictures from ride included) &
      it rode excellent. So I can vouch first hand that it was a comfortable ride on
      longer excursions.
      It has a really long wheelbase of 42 3/4 inches / 108.5 cm which I suppose
      contributes to the nice ride.
      You might have to search long and hard to fine a touring bike with such a long

      It has a mix of vintage Suntour and Shimano components and the Dia Compe Brakes
      mentioned above.
      The crank is a SR Apex Triple with 28 x 42 x 28 rings.
      The rear wheel is 40 spoke and the front 36 on a 27" size wheel / rim.

      I have not had it tuned up so you might want to have all that checked out but
      mechanically it performed nicely on the 50 mile ride.

      I found a December 1976 review of this bike by none other than Gary Fisher who
      gives it a favorable review.
      If you don't don't know who he is a web search will show a lot about this bike

      It seems to be relatively light for a touring bike as it weighed in at 27.2 lbs
      with the one fender & rack.

      Some very good Centurion bike info here:
      They appear to be a popular and sought after brand of vintage bicycle
      especially the higher end models such as this one.

      Discussion of Centurions here:

      December 1976 Gary Fisher review here:


      From this info I gather they are very well built and fairly sought after.

      There are no pedals that come with it.
      I just temporarily used some of mine from another bike to try it out.

      With a bit of attention I expect you could load up this sturdy vintage work
      horse and ride it cross country.
      It is definitely not a run of the mill cookie cutter type bike like so many

      I had thought I would have it powder coated to dress it up a bit but I have
      another touring bike already.
      There are some local powder coaters that can repaint it about any color you
      like for a modest sum.

      Once you ride this classic I think you will love it.
      I found this quote on the web about this particular model Centurion Pro-Tour
      "Richard Ballantine chose the 1977 Centurion Pro-Tour as one of his "picks"
      for "best" bikes in his 1978 "Richard's Bicycle Book", and again in his 1982

      ------------ http://s512.photobucket.com/albums/t329/sevenonezero/?

      Location: North Dallas / Richardson

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