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Trek 620 Handmade Touring Bicycle Reynolds 531 53cm CHI CL

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  • Russ
    Not mine. Pics. Could be someone s dream tourer. For Sale is a 1983 Vintage Trek 620 Touring Bicycle 21 (53.3 cm) frame center to center - crank to top
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2 2:56 PM
      Not mine. Pics. Could be someone's dream tourer.

      For Sale is a 1983 Vintage Trek 620 Touring Bicycle 21" (53.3 cm)
      frame center to center - crank to top tube.

      This is a hand built, silver brazed Reynolds 531c double butted
      bicycle with gorgeous lugged construction. This bicycle, which was
      made in the USA (Waterloo Wisconsin), represents beautiful
      craftsmanship. In order to get a hand built bike made in the USA of
      this quality today, you would have to custom order it from a frame
      builder like Rivendell, Vanilla or Serotta and would end up paying A
      LOT more just for the frame. In terms of Market value, I've tried to
      price this one competitively. This same frame with old components and
      no fancy extras just went for $680 on the 'bay. As always, if you buy
      local you don't have to pay shipping and you can see and try before
      you buy.

      The frame geometry on this bike is very interesting. Trek advertised
      it as a "Touring bicycle" (you can see the original brochure here:
      http://www.vintage-trek.com/images/trek/1983/83Trek10.jpg) and indeed
      it has many features of the best touring bikes including a relaxed
      geometry, long stiff chainstays and eyelets for racks or fenders.
      However this bike differs on the front end from a more classic touring
      frame in that the steering is tight and responsive, unlike many
      touring bikes which steer more like wheelbarrows, in fact it handles
      more like a racing bike than a touring bike. This bike is truly a joy
      to ride, very fast and springy but also very comfortable, I have taken
      several multi-thousand mile tours on this bike and I have loved every
      minute of them.

      I have completely rebuilt this bicycle with the following great
      components, some are original, like the crank and front derailluer
      others are ones that I chose to make this my own rockstar of a touring

      Wheels: Rigida Alloy (Aluminum) Touring Wheels, 40 spokes in rear, 36
      in front - Front wheel has neat old Sachs odometer built into the
      axel, no batteries required!

      Crank: Sugino AT 28-45-50 (Granny + half step) Sheldon Brown claimed
      this was the best touring crankset ever made

      Rear Derailleur: Huret Duopar Titanium rear derailleur (these were
      insanely expensive in their day and are widely regarded as the best
      shifting touring derailleur of the 80s)

      Front Derialleur: Suntour Cyclone MK II

      Tires: Serfas 27 x 1 1/4 Flat Protection system ... Almost New

      Chain: Sram 8 speed brand new chain

      Stem: Nitto Technomic Cold Forged long quill (very adjustable) stem,
      less than 1 year old

      Handlebars: Soma alloy Mustache bars, super groovy looking, turns
      heads everywhere

      Brake Levers: Brand New (purchased and installed last week) Tektro
      brake levers

      Shifters: Suntour Bar End (bar con) shifters (these things are
      legendary for their reliability and easy shifting)

      Bar Tape: New Natural Cork Tape

      Saddle: Vintage Brooks B5N Stretched leather Saddle, reconditioned
      with nearly a tub of proofride

      Cables and housing: New Jagwire L3 Stainless steel cables with teflon
      coated housing installed with all the right ferrules etc.

      Brake Calipers: Dia-Compe Single Pivot Calipers with new pads on front
      (These long reach calipers have plenty of adjustability to put a 700c
      wheel on the bike)

      Fenders: Beautiful handmade Honjo Hammered metal fenders, pure bling
      with lots of function (http://www.jitensha.com/eng/newhammerfndrs_e.html)

      Rear Rack: New MEC Silver Rack rated for lots of gear

      Headset: Stock Headset, Rebuilt 2 months ago

      The whole bike was recently rebuilt with fresh waterproof grease.

      Issues with this bike:

      The frame is in really beautiful condition, I would say 8.5 out of 10.
      there are some small cosmetic nicks in the finish, typical for a bike
      of this vintage. There are NO dents or structural flaws. The Headset
      started giving me trouble a couple of months ago so I took it all
      apart and rebuilt it with fresh grease. I suspect that a few years
      down the road this will need to be replaced. The rear wheel is built
      on the Maillard Helicomatic hub system. These hubs don't have the best
      reputation, but I will say that they have served me with zero issues
      for a long time. I adjust the bearings regularly and keep the
      freewheel pretty clean.

      If you are interested, come down and take it for a test ride and I
      promise you'll fall in love.

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