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50.5 cm Steve Maus Custom Bike, $350

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  • Bob Hufford
    Tried to talk my wife into this one to no avail ... passing it along ... (not sure it is still available) Pics here: http://home.mchsi.com/~bhufford4/maus1.jpg
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2004
      Tried to talk my wife into this one to no avail ... passing it along ...
      (not sure it is still available)

      Pics here:


      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO


      50.5 cm Steve Maus Custom Bike
      54 cm top tube; Tange Prestige tubing; silver brazed; Henry James lugs,
      fork crown, drop outs and bottom bracket shell;Dura-ace calipers, front
      derailleur, seatpost and cassette; Ultegra 600 crank, STI levers, rear
      derailleur and hubs; Paint by Keith Anderson- $350
      Contact: Dan Skinner dsskinnerjr@... (317)326-2505 Greenfield, IN
      (Posted: 03/18/04)


      Follow up from Dan:

      The frame is a 1993 Steve Maus that I paid $895 for when it was new in '93.
      A new Steve Maus frame (can be ordered through Circle City Bicycles in
      Indianapolis) is going for about $1250. This frame has a horizontal top
      tube therefore it is NOT a compact frame design.

      The bike is in excellent condition, never wrecked, but does have a small
      ding in the top tube where it fell against my refrigerator in the garage. I
      took some pictures of the top tube so hopefully you can see the ding and
      how small it is when I send some photos.

      The bike is set up with 8 speed STI.... It would be great entry bike for
      someone to get started on and worth updating the components if desired.


      From the builder, Steve Maus:

      A little background might be of interest. I started building custom frames
      in 1977 while working on my degree in metallurgical engineering, and I
      raced for several years as a USCF Cat 2. Most of my early frames were built
      for road and track racers, with a few tandems and touring frames mixed in.
      Before aluminum started to take over, I also repaired dozens of steel
      frames including tube replacements, dropout replacements, and braze-ons of
      every kind. Most of my recent frames have been for people that still like
      the ride of steel and appreciate the finish and styling that you can only
      get with steel. Dan's was one of the first I built with Prestige tubing,
      and it made a believer out of me. I built one for myself about the same
      time, and actually laid back a set of Prestige that I just last year built
      into another frame for myself. The ride is fantastic - very lively - and
      the weight is very good - close to titanium. I always used one wall
      thickness lower than I would have with Columbus, True Temper, or Reynolds,
      and still got better stiffness and responsiveness. I was very disappointed
      when it went out of production. I saw Dan and the bike at a local swap meet
      in February, and teased him about finally letting it go. The bike is in
      great shape - the ding is the kind only the owner would notice - you can
      see it if you focus. If you were to have it repainted, it would not be
      noticeable. Even so, the paint was generally in nice condition. Yes, I
      agree it's a steal. My price to build that same frameset today would be
      $1400. I even considered buying it back for a minute, because it would fit
      my wife and it's way nicer than her 1982 model. But we have enough
      already... If you buy it and choose to have it repainted, I highly
      recommend Chris Kvale in Minneapolis to do the work - he's at (612) 724-8843.


      Steve <steelbikes@...>
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