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Peugeot PX10, 23.5" / 59.5 cm, $170 obo (craigslist / Seattle)

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  • bhufford3@mchsi.com
    Not mine ... (pics on site) Bob Hufford Springfield, MO ... Peugeot PX10, 23.5 / 59.5 cm, $170 obo - $170 Reply to: see below Date: 2006-07-31, 12:33PM PDT
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      Not mine ... (pics on site)

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO


      Peugeot PX10, 23.5" / 59.5 cm, $170 obo - $170

      Reply to: see below
      Date: 2006-07-31, 12:33PM PDT

      This PX10 was used by me as a touring bike in 1976 (not used since then, stored
      inside). The seat tube is 23.5 inches, and the top tube is 23 inches. It has a
      Blackburn carrier, three chain rings with a Campagnolo derailleur on the front
      and a Suntour V-GT rear deraileur. The deraileurs are in fine shape and
      very capably shifted the 11 gears out of the 15 that I
      set it up to use. Has top quality bar end shifters, the best I could find at
      the time. It
      was a wonderful touring bike. When I bought it, the frame was checked for
      straightness by the top frame builder in Minneapolis and stayed that way
      because I never crashed it.

      Wheels are ordinary alloy 27" clincher rims. Tires
      have most of their tread remaining, but they are old
      tires, so I don't know about the effects of aging.
      Saddle is the Ideale from France, very comfotable for a leather saddle.
      At the time I weighed 125 (now 140), so I
      didn't imprint the saddle like a heavier rider would
      I'm 5'9" and the bike is set up to fit me, and might be fine for somebody
      taller since I am long-limbed.

      Things missing. No chain, no rear cluster, and no skewer for the rear quick
      release hub. The outer two chain rings
      should be replaced before you take a long trip (for best performance, you
      should count on replacing the drive
      chain's wear components - chain, rings, and cluster).
      You might be able to keep the inner, smallest chain
      ring. I replaced all the crank bearing parts with new
      ones when I built up the bike for my trip 30 years

      The bolt-on bike lock that is visible in some
      of the photos is not included and will be removed.

      There are over a dozen digital photos that were taken a
      couple years ago with a then-current digital camera. A
      neighbor of mine has a latest-and-greatest digital
      camera that I could perhaps borrow if you want
      additional photos of particular parts of the frame.

      If you are
      interested, I can send you more digital photos. After that, if you have further
      questions but are serious about the bike, I could hold the frame on my lap and
      go over it inch by inch with you
      on the phone. Or if you have a friend in
      Olympia who can do that, I'm happy to have them come
      here and talk to you on the phone about what they see. I am located approx 10
      miles from the Olympia airport.

      For further infomation, call (360) 264-2198 or leave a message.

      this is in or around Olympia / Tenino

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