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20" Trek 520, $175 (craigslist.org / Denver)

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  • bhufford3@mchsi.com
    Not mine ... Bob Hufford Springfield, MO ... Trek road/touring bike perfect condition!!! - $175 Reply to: jsp_designs@yahoo.com Date: 2004-01-22, 12:40AM MST
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2004
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      Not mine ...

      Bob Hufford
      Springfield, MO

      Trek road/touring bike perfect condition!!! - $175

      Reply to: jsp_designs@...
      Date: 2004-01-22, 12:40AM MST

      This is a Trek 520 road bike. I bought it to fix up and sell -as I have done
      from time to time in the past with bikes- and now I have to admit that I�m
      having second thoughts as it is such a dream to ride and I think it is a very
      cool looking bike. I has a very classic style.

      The bike is in very good condition I would guess that I was made in the 80s by
      the components that are on it but it�s in such perfect condition that I think
      that it was one of those items that was bought and put in the garage and only
      used a handful of times.


      20� frame

      Three chain rings in front sized 50, 45 and 28 teeth

      Frame mount cantilever brakes

      Good tires, seat and bar tape.

      Suntour components

      It appears to have a newer wheel set of a make that I�m not familiar with (good
      design though)

      see picture at www.geocities.com/jsp_designs/jpage.html

      The only draw back to this bike is that the shifters are located on the down
      tube as they all were on road bikes of the time. (I would be more that happy to
      work out a deal that included bar end style or integrated brake/shifter or what
      ever style levers you wanted.)

      On the plus side I love that it is equipped with the three ring system on the
      front. The small gear provides excellent climbing ability and ease on the up
      hills. The other feature that I always wished more road bikes had is the frame
      mount brakes, they are so simple reliable and effective.

      This is a very smooth quiet and solid bike.

      call or e-mail

      Jesse Pender

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