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    Troy Sonnenberg
    Oct 13, 2005
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    Hey there guys, I am still in desperate need of another sports pass to OSU. Ill pay 30 dollars, so please if you know anyone who is not using there's, please
    Troy Sonnenberg
    Oct 8, 2005


    Hey there guys, I hope that you are all doing well, and having a good year. I am in desperate need on 3 sports passes for the OSU game. If you or someone you
    Troy Sonnenberg
    Oct 2, 2005

    Re: overall stuff

    Blue co-chairs, All of the dj equipment is totally compatible with your laptop computers as long as they have a standard headphone jack. There will be three
    Andrew Greene
    Aug 3, 2005

    overall stuff

    We just wanted to see if there was anything else we could do before camp starts for the blue room! I am so sorry that we have not been able to help much with
    Tiffany Gindrat
    Aug 3, 2005

    Troy's house tonight

    Hey guys, I am so sorry to get this to yall so late, but we need to get together tonight and do that dj booth. Matt is going to buy paint and screws so please
    Troy Sonnenberg
    Aug 2, 2005

    Re: Thanks!

    FC office will be great, we'll pick it up on Thursday before we head to Lakeview. Also, Brian told us yesterday that we thinks Woody still has the PVC pipes
    Brittany Fuchs
    Aug 2, 2005


    You guys are so on top of things!! Allison and I will get the butcher paper for the windows today, but we will not be able to bring it to Koppe Bridge tomorrow
    Tiffany Gindrat
    Aug 1, 2005

    Re: PVC Pipes

    Okay, Camp Johnson has decos at 7pm tomorrow, but John or I could definitely drop by and hand off the common banners we have, plus the hanging fish that were
    Rima, Meredith Simpson
    Aug 1, 2005

    Re: PVC Pipes

    The DJ booth is safety tucked at my house, but it does need some work. I think that if the majrioty of us got togther with a fiw cans of spray paint and sme
    Troy Sonnenberg
    Aug 1, 2005

    Re: PVC Pipes

    Allison and Tiff that would be awesome if you could take care of the butcher paper. I doubt anyone had even thought about it. If you don't have time, let me
    Brittany Fuchs
    Jul 31, 2005

    Re: PVC Pipes

    Hey guys, Ya what is the word on the DJ booth and pvc pipes?? Has anyone picked it up or bought pvc pipes? Also, has anyone bought butcher paper to black(or
    Allison Terveen
    Jul 31, 2005

    PVC Pipes

    Hey Does anyone remember what we are suppose to do regarding hanging banners int eh blue room? Do we need PVC pipes for all of it, or just on the diagonals
    Brittany Fuchs
    Jul 31, 2005

    Re: DJ Equipment

    1) Here's a way we might get a microphone(s). I just called Surplus, which is a part of A&M that holds onto old stuff when departments buy new things and get
    Sneed, Matthew A
    Jul 29, 2005

    DJ Equipment

    I'm sorry the whole thing with the Dj's coming over didn't really work out. I wound up having strep throat that weekend. Fun. Anyhoo, I was going to remind
    Andrew Greene
    Jul 28, 2005
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