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1342Re: [BASC] Feb program topics?

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  • Teresa Krzewski
    Jan 31, 2014
      Hi Rich
      I would be interested in seeing the ways to split a hive as we are about to embark upon that season.

      On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 3:34 PM, Rich <wd6esz@...> wrote:

      As you all know we are fortunate enough to have Peter Borst come speak to us next month. At the January meeting when I asked what topic we would like to hear about, there was very little response. Let me give a little list here for us to choose from:

      1. diseases
      2. The Golden Age Of Beekeeping(1880's California from his unreleased book)
      3. Length of life for a bee
      4. Hive regulation(the pheromone factor)
      5. swarming
      6. The Secret Language Between Flowers And Bees
      7. "there's more than one to way to split a hive!"
      8. bee breeding over the years
      9. The Future Of Bee Breeding(humorous)

      FYI, he'll be giving the "Bee Breeding Over The Years" to another local club, so I suggest we choose something different than that.

      Or if enough people want something entirely different, I'm sure Pete will be qualified and happy to talk about it!

      Please vote by number 1-9


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