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Re: [BCX] Help on BCX

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  • Mike Sanders
    ... Hi martyg_22 and David, That would be my code... Here s another example: -------------------------------------------------------------- Sub ToggleSound()
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 1, 2005
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      On 9/1/05 David spoke unto us saying:

      > According to Window's search, there's a usage of CheckMenuItem in
      > C:\Program Files\BCX\Gui_Demo\Ruler_2\Support.Inc

      Hi martyg_22 and David,

      That would be my code... Here's another example:

      Sub ToggleSound()
      Dim Raw uState AS UINT
      Dim Raw q As INTEGER

      uState = GetMenuState(mnuFile, IDSOUND, MF_BYCOMMAND)

      If (uState & MF_CHECKED) Then
      bNoise = False
      q = MF_UNCHECKED
      bNoise = True
      q = MF_CHECKED
      End If
      CheckMenuItem(mnuFile, IDSOUND, q)

      End Sub

      Good luck!

      Later on,
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