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Townhall.com Victory, Not Retreat 07/23/2007

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    A:hover { COLOR: dodgerblue} -- July 23, 2007 Victory, Not Retreat —Hugh Hewitt In my July
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      July 23, 2007

      Victory, Not Retreat
      —Hugh Hewitt

      In my July 18th interview with General David Petraeus, the commander of multinational troops in Iraq, he revealed that many hundreds of the enemy are being killed every month in Iraq and that the lethal capabilities of allied special forces are increasing at an exponential rate. He also cited many recent huge successes in the targeted capture or killing of senior al Qaeda figures in Iraq as well as mounting evidence of Iranian meddling in Iraq.

      When you listen to the interview--available at Townhall.com--it is impossible to miss the confidence in the general's voice and the belief that Iraq can be made stable and our enemies can be defeated. This message is too often either not reported by the media or deemphasized by the understandable focus on the carnage of car bombs.

      We in the American media have to work overtime to make sure the public understands the stakes and the momentum in Iraq. And the American people have to communicate to their political leaders that they support a policy of victory there, not retreat.

      Hugh Hewitt is the host of the Hugh Hewitt Show.

      Hugh Hewitt is the author of A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every Conservative Should Know about Mitt Romney.

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