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Townhall.com Debunking the Self-Esteem Movement 03/01/2007

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    A:hover { COLOR: dodgerblue} -- March 01, 2007 Debunking the Self-Esteem Movement —Albert Mohler The
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      March 01, 2007

      Debunking the Self-Esteem Movement
      —Albert Mohler

      The self-esteem movement has transformed much of America, but this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the schools. A brilliant article in New York Magazine provides a fascinating glimpse into why the movement is crashing and burning.

      It seems that children who receive praise they know is undeserved are underperforming. That's right--kids know when they are being told a lie. Their self-esteem is not boosted by parents and teachers praising them without regard for effort or performance. As a matter of fact, the kids who performed the best were those who received honest and helpful criticism. But the self-esteem movement still touches almost every aspect of the culture, to the point of being dangerous.

      Po Bronson, author of the article, explained that recent research has indicated the dangers of false praise. Kids want to be told the truth, and they want to know how to do better. Isn't that what parents and teachers should want anyway?

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