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2091RE: [BCThought] Yahoo! News Story - Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News

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  • P Harris
    Jun 6 7:01 AM
      eHarmony's claim to fame is the time, expense and effort that they put into doing the research on what makes people stay together. It just so happens that the research, which makes them as successful as they are, by the way, was done on heterosexuals. 
      Since they spent their time, money and effort in creating the services they offer, they should be able to choose whether they will spend more of the same on more research. Believe me, this is not about anyones rights being violated. Unless you consider the rights of eHarmony to be successful at what it does.  

      From: BCThought@yahoogroups.com [mailto:BCThought@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of adrienne117
      Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007 4:05 AM
      To: Donna Light; BCThought@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [BCThought] Yahoo! News Story - Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News

      Hey Donna

      I am not sure I understand you. I think the woman that is suing e harmony is gay and was trying to meet another gay woman. I believe e harmony markets itself exclusively as a heterosexual only dating agency.

      Are you suggesting that e harmny violated her rights by not allowing her to join since she is gay and seeking a gay partner?
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      From: "Donna Light" <nubiangeek@yahoo. com>
      Date: 6/5/07 9:14 am
      To: "BCThought@yahoogrou ps.com" <BCThought@yahoogrou ps.com>
      Subj: RE: [BCThought] Yahoo! News Story - Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News
      Was the woman that she was trying to meet also a lesbian? If not, they would be violating that woman's rights. I would guess that there aren't many gays that go through eharmony, so there wouldn't be anyone for her to date anyway.

      adrienne117 <adhill117@comcast. net> wrote: These so-called gay rights activists/ terrorists have been emboldened by the likes of Rosie and lest we forget Melissa Ethridge and her unforgettable shout out at the 2007 Oscars to HER WIFE who just had twins. UNBELIEVABLE! !!!!

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      From: "P Harris" <walkininthespirit@ yahoo.com>
      Date: 6/3/07 3:10 pm
      To: "BCThought@yahoogrou ps.com" <BCThought@yahoogrou ps.com>
      Subj: RE: [BCThought] Yahoo! News Story - Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News
      : )

      There's nothing pure that they can contaminate in their own playground.

      It's all rotten and they can sense it, so they look for other places to ruin.

      Kinda like The Blob.

      Misery loves company.

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      Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 1:11 PM
      To: BCThought@yahoogrou ps.com
      Subject: Re: [BCThought] Yahoo! News Story - Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News

      There has to be a dates for dykes site somewhere.


      > why doesnt she just go to a lesbian dating
      site? why MUST she go to eharmony?
      this is
      just as silly as the tb man suing the govt. on account of his being quarantined.
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      > How much more predictable could they be? I'm
      prayin' that e-Harmony has more
      money than
      the school districts. : )
      > Woman sues eHarmony for discrimination - Yahoo! News
      href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070601/ap_on_hi_te/online_dating_lawsuit">http://news. yahoo.com/ s/ap/20070601/ ap_on_hi_ te/online_ dating_lawsuit
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