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1013GPS and the x36 location "filter"

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  • Rick Bates, WA6NHC
    Aug 5, 2014
      Hi all,

      I'm still trying to wrap my head around DMA programming after a good many years of 'normal' scanning (way back to the Regency 10 channel crystal scanners of the 70's, more recently with the GRE Pro-xx96). I'm new to DMA programming, please be gentle on me. ;o)

      So far all the programming of my new 536 is done via the Sentinel software; it's too complicated for a noob to do otherwise. Even things that should be simple (adding a P25 network that is not in the database), is not. Then there are subtleties like when I added a list of ham repeaters yet it wouldn't scan (yup, Ham was disabled in Services, DOH!)... A lot going on here.

      For my home/local traffic, no issues. I made up several favorite lists for my usual places to listen (one fire, one cops, one forest, etc). It's simple to add/drop lists as needed. I got that far on my own and it feels pretty familiar.

      However, I also travel (because I can). I want to hear select services ONLY while traveling and I don't want to take the time to do an area survey to see what's there. For example, I want the closest parks (state and Fed), the highway patrol/sheriff, any close by fire department (includes the forest service in many states) and NOT hear most other things (no railroads, planes, medical).

      But I'm finding that leaving the database wide open adds FAR too much 'shtuff". Dialing it down to what appears to be my essentials is still too broad. If for example I leave Public Safety toggled on, I hear park admin, VA hospitals and other things I don't care to hear. I spend most of the first hour, pressing the Avoid button.

      So how do you dial it down to a specific few things while distance traveling (using a GPS to locate you)? [I'm also hoping that responses provide the archive enough for later searching for other noobs.]

      It appears that the easiest/best way is to create a state specific favorite file for travel and draw that into action when I near or cross state lines. But then I'd have to add every county/parish/borough that I expect to be in/near. Tedious and I don't know EVERY county in EVERY state so I'd have to look them up. More than likely, I'd miss something I'd want to hear because I have no local knowledge. A few states simply aren't all that large too.

      All that data is in the radio, how to make use of it the most efficiently as possible?

      So with this in mind, what are y'all doing? Parks, fire (forestry), LE...

      The GPS is functioning and providing ongoing data to the 536 (confirmed via the location readout), location for favorites on; full database on, services selected (rather broad categories, which is the real issue).

      Goals: to be aware of emergencies going on around me (say within 30 miles; I'm retired fire, still need to know things); hearing LE gives me a flavor of the issues in an area (lot of domestic abuse, drug arrests, drunk arrests, where's the traffic issues). The park channels (since I am now a wildlife photographer) also tell me where the 'critter' jams are so I can respond accordingly (another bison or elk, yawn; bear or moose, I'll be right there; sometimes stupid human tricks are amusing to hear about "He did WHAT!?!?!?"). It also helps to avoid, um, excessive partying, accidents or (to some extent) other human situations happening in an area (I go to the parks to be in nature or else I'd move to a city).

      I'm fluent in firehouse, LE, medic, geek and some other languages but the lack of how to info in the manual is frustrating. It's good for telling you what is there to use; but vague to fully lacking in when to apply it. There are enough features that it's hard to see a path through this forest. And each path has a lot of ways (too many) to get there...

      Travelers: Whatcha'll doing to make it work for you?

      TIA es 73,
      Rick, WA6NHC

      iPad = small keypad = typos = sorry ;-)
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