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1003Re: [BCD536HP] Siren and Analyze functionality update from Uniden today on August 1st

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  • MCH
    Aug 4, 2014
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      You don't want to use the transmitter location. You want to use the center of the
      geopolitical entity, and a radius that covers the whole entity but not much more.

      For a town, you just want that town. For a county, just that county. If a service covers more than one town, you want the coordinates to be the center of the whole coverage area with the radius to be just enough to cover way they cover. 

      Joe M. 

      On Aug 4, 2014, at 6:57 AM, "n1chu@... [BCD536HP]" <BCD536HP@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I've noticed that the GPS coordinates for the data listed for my state (Ct.) is on a county basis. All towns in a county have the same GPS coordinates. I am trying something different. Changing the GPS coordinates of each town to the town's central location or the central transmitting antenna's location. I have one county almost completed and need to test it while mobile, driving from town to town, using the 536 with location control engaged and another scanner without. I am hoping to get a general idea of the ability of the location control's limits. I will start with a circular pattern and then I might try refining the GPS to a rectangular footprint. But I have reservations. I wonder if the time and effort I will invest will prove worthwhile. The range settings don't seem to be very accurate for my idea of going from town to town, picking up a new Police Dept and dropping the town I just left. The feasability of what I propose is what I call the "id eal" results of location control. The trouble is, attempting to attain it may be a bit premature. Determining unique GPS coordinates for every system is close to impossible when FCC License info can list numerous antenna locations and geographical footprints of municipalities show vast differences in shape and size. Radioreference data updates would need additional user submitted input data that include "unique" GPS settings for each radio system with rectangular (instead of circular) coordinates. Or so I think. But if striving for this optimum form of location control was not the intention of Uniden's location control, why offer it to begin with? I see it as a collaborative effort between Radioreference and Uniden, whether intentional or not. So now that it's out there, maybe it's time to run with it... My test subject is Hartford County, State of Connecticut. I am changing GPS settings for each town/city within the county to central locations. If it works, I will expirement with rectangular instead of circular, further enhancing my geo-footprints. Comments welcome.
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