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  • Makes you wonder what they want to hide from the public... Joe M. On 7/3/2015 6:24 PM, dataman60435@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > n1chu" has it correct, ISP Starcom is 95% in the open with the exception > of some small towns including my own who have chosen to shut out our > monitoring .....My city of Joliet, IL is totally "ENC"..... > > > > No virus found in this message. > Checked...
    MCH Jul 3
  • Great idea, and something we used to do. If you notice, there is a folder for such files called "Software Files" in the FILES section that is further divided into specific software files. Joe M. On 7/2/2015 10:24 PM, 'red2965 .' mdmitchell65@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > I would like it personally...can't speak for the others > > On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 5:55 PM, jeffreyinhollister@^$2...
    MCH Jul 2
  • can it be monitored on a bcd396xt
    raruzicka@... Jul 1
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  • It will scan a System for 2 seconds unless the HOLD TIME is changed from the default of 2 seconds. Set that to 0 seconds and it will scan each channel in the System once then move on rather than scanning the same channels for 2 seconds. Joe M. On 6/13/2015 1:07 PM, althewelder@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > Hello all, > > I am new to the group and just purchased the 396XT a few weeks...
    MCH Jun 13
  • Yep. Joe M. On 5/21/2015 9:17 PM, 'Bruce' brooklyn_ny99@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > 1.11.01 Latest and greatest?? > Bruce > *From:* mailto:BCD396XT@^$2 > *Sent:* Thursday, May 21, 2015 9:11 PM > *To:* BCD396XT@^$3 > *Subject:* Re: [BCD396XT] Firmware > > To see the firmware version: > MENU > SETTINGS > SEE SCANNER INFO > FIRMWARE VERSION > > The Uniden website lists the fixes in...
    MCH Jun 2
  • None I've ever heard of. Joe M. On 5/31/2015 4:36 PM, wcorea@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > Is there an equivalent to ARCXT or other programming software available > on the Macintosh (OS X) platform? I am running VMWare Fusion on my Mac > and can run one of the PC-based programs there, but a native Mac program > would be nicer. > > > > > > No virus found in this message. > Checked by...
    MCH May 31
  • You've enabled a search mode. While scanning the Marine frequencies, press FUNC L/O L/O and it will permanently lock out the Marine search. Joe M. On 5/27/2015 6:48 PM, sparkchsr54@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > Thanks again for all the help in the past I now have a new problem. All > the sudden while trunk tracking I'm getting the Marine band scanning > with convention frequencies...
    MCH May 27
  • To see the firmware version: MENU SETTINGS SEE SCANNER INFO FIRMWARE VERSION The Uniden website lists the fixes in the various versions. Joe M. On 5/21/2015 8:53 PM, 'Bruce' brooklyn_ny99@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > I purchased the scanner new about a month or so ago. How do I check > what version firmware I have? > I guess this might be a long thread as depending on what version I...
    MCH May 21
  • Don't assume that Uniden is no longer supporting the 396XT. Unless they say they are discontinuing support, they haven't. Rebanding support went back several discontinued models. Joe M. On 5/21/2015 12:16 PM, Fred gr1mace43@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > So does that ultimately means since no updates, you are more or less > orced to purchase new equipment?
    MCH May 21
  • Yes - directly or using EZ-Grab. Joe M. On 5/21/2015 9:31 AM, toledohamradio@^$1 [BCD396XT] wrote: > > > Will FREESCAN allow you to import listings from RadioReference? > > > > > > > No virus found in this message. > Checked by AVG - www.avg.com > Version: 2012.0.2250 / Virus Database: 4311/9330 - Release Date: 05/21/15 >
    MCH May 21