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  • i've owned this one and its predecessor for nearly 10 years and i'm still in mortal fear of pressing any buttons other than /scan/ or /on-off/ mark. the firmware and user interface is absolutely brilliant given the number of buttons--there just aren't near enough buttons. and modes are the devil's handiwork and this one has seemingly dozens of modes and sub-modes where the buttons...
    Guy Teague Nov 24, 2014
  • sorry for short notice, but there is one hour left on an amazon today's deals or lightning deals for the 396xt at what seems like an attractive price although i haven't kept up with pricing lately: http://amzn.to/1pfY2LI btw, yahoo is hosed beyond belief, both the website and the email relay capability. hope this makes it through in time to benefit someone. /guy (73 de kg5vt...
    Guy Teague Nov 24, 2014
  • i have 3 sets of powerex (maha) batteries that i rotate and charge with a maha charger. over the years the capacity has gone from 2300mah up to 2800mah with my latest sets i think. these batteries usually last me 8-14 hours depending on type and amount of traffic and a set of batteries will last up to 3 years using the rotation and re-condition routine. i don't know what the cost...
    Guy Teague Aug 10, 2014
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  • my 2600mah nimh batteries will last one very full day or 8-12 hours. i don't know what the life with alkalines would be. /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784) -- There is only one God--His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today' . Syrio Forel - A Game of Thrones ~George R.R. Martin
    Guy Teague Aug 7, 2014
  • i've changed close call to /dnd/ mode, i've turned off priority and made sure that none of my channels are labeled as /pri/ even though shutting off the function should do it. afaik i don't have any wx modes set to alert. i even went into the scanner config and changed the battery save from /2/ to /5/ although i'm not certain what the difference is. and i can go into weather mode...
    accts@... Jun 7, 2014
  • i will try these. thanks! /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)
    accts@... Jun 5, 2014
  • tks joe, but some small percentage i'll hear just a second or two of, but most of the say 'hit function key for ?something?' but in every case hitting the function key does nothing except return it to scanning. and i do see the frequency displayed in all the cases where i hear audio, but either it isn't in the msg or that msg erases it. /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)
    accts@... Jun 5, 2014
  • yeah, i'll bet wx would cause this too but there's a wx icon that should cue you, right? anyway, many thanks for all the responses and the solution. but does anyone have any thoughts on the 2nd question i snuck in about how to set up close call so you can hear the hit instead of it asking you to go press a key? and i remember something about it storing cc hits in a special bank but...
    accts@... Jun 5, 2014
  • i'll bet that was it. i was in /cc pri/ mode. i swear i zapped every 'priority' setting i found, but i forgot cc had a pri mode as well. /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)
    accts@... Jun 4, 2014
  • thanks mark! i'll try that one immediately. i used to run in /dnd/ mode and can't remember why i switched over to /on/ mode. i'm sure i had some sort of justification at the time. i'll let you know ... /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)
    accts@... Jun 4, 2014