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Re: new feature startup quickkeys behavior?

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  • gteague
    thanks paul! i know you know i work in arlington because i m still using your very useful trinity blvd shortcut to get there on weekdays! can t thank you
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 25, 2012
      thanks paul! i know you know i work in arlington because i'm still using your very useful 'trinity blvd shortcut' to get there on weekdays! can't thank you enough for that one ...

      yeah, i was envisioning being able to expand this feature so that i could do a startup key that would include (for example) arlington, cowboys stadium and ut which otherwise, being separate systems, would all need to be activated and deactivated manually.

      the worst aspect of this brilliant scanner for me is my memory is going south with age and i just cannot keep more than a few systems with their associated groups in my head. i've tried various quick ref methods, but it's nearly as fast to scroll through the systems to find the group you want to activate as it is to break out the iphone and pull up a text file to look it up. i would investigate any methods anyone has to offer as to how to carry a map of your bandplan and access it quickly.

      /guy (73 de kg5vt)

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, Paul Opitz <pmanu44@...> wrote:
      > For your application it would work better to assign Fort Worth to SQK 1 and
      > Arlington to SQK 2 (SQK = System/site Quick Key) rather than using startup keys.
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      > From: gteague <accts@...>
      > To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tue, September 25, 2012 5:06:10 PM
      > Subject: [BCD396XT] new feature startup quickkeys behavior?
      > in transitioning from the 396t to the 396xt, one of the new features is
      > startup keys. and i tried it out my first day with the radio since i
      > figured it was a natural for my use. i live in fort worth and work in
      > arlington, so i figured that if i was going to work or coming home from
      > work i'd startup with the arlington quick key, otherwise i'd startup
      > with the ftw quick key.
      > but i ran into immediate problems with this because, once i'd assigned
      > key #1 to ftw and key #2 to arl, i started up using key #1 and then
      > discovered i could not activate arl. not exactly the behavior i wanted
      > or expected. i expected it to act as if i had toggled offline all the
      > systems that i did not assign the quick key to, but that i could bring
      > back online any system using the normal behavior. so, figuring i was
      > missing part of the concept, i hit the books and found at the
      > easy-to-read manual this very frightening note:
      > The scanner will remember the last startup configuration you used when
      > you power up the scanner using just the power key.
      > Caution: If you press the wrong key when you press the power key to set
      > your startup configuration, and that wrong key doesn't have any systems
      > assigned to that key, you will startup your scanner with all systems
      > locked out.Also, you can't cancel Startup Configuration, i.e. have your
      > scanner startup with all systems unlocked they way they were before you
      > used Startup Configuration.
      > and, sure enough, even when i started up with no keys held down, one of
      > my two systems was locked out for use. oh god, says i, i've bricked my
      > brand new radio. but i went back into my software and removed the quick
      > keys from both systems, re-wrote the systems to the radio, and all seems
      > back to normal.
      > for my use, i find multiple problems with this
      > seemingly-very-useful-indeed feature, not the least is the fear that, as
      > a new user of the radio you're going to have to start all over again
      > with your programming and worst case do the factory reset to get it
      > behaving again.
      > are any of you guys using this feature? is there a way around locking
      > yourself out with a very awkward recovery?
      > thanks, /guy (73 de kg5vt)
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