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Re: Trouble with P25 adjustments and squelch

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  • dataman60435
    My squelch is set at 2 all the time as i had the same problem at 1 u did....As for the Decode levels it should be per tower as i see a difference in each
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2012
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      My squelch is set at "2" all the time as i had the same problem at "1" u did....As for the Decode levels it should be per "tower" as i see a difference in each digital tower site and 7-8 works on some and if i raise the #'s from 3-50= 7-8 to 15-100 = 10-15 on the decode then i get bad results and err: 50-75....I think its a real judgement call....

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Alex" <agcme2002@...> wrote:
      > I'm still having some difficulty with the P25 adjustments trying to fine tune the reception.
      > First, since it's a global adjustment rather than a system-by-system or group-by-group adjustment, I don't have too much leeway in the settings before I knock out one system while trying to get another one improved.
      > Second, no matter what I change, the P25 diagnostic data (F-Vol after showing volume or squelch) doesn't show anything indicating my changes are taking effect. For example, if I adjust the mode from 8 to 10, the diagnostic screen still shows '8 AUTO'.
      > In any event, I'm still having trouble with some signals breaking up. Most of the time it's a decoding issue since you can hear the "robot" audio as the decoding fails. Occasionally it's the squelch which is a second issue.
      > So regarding the P25 adjustments, any recommendations for tweaking the settings that might clear up the breakup issues without ruining other systems? Perhaps that should be a suggestion to Uniden for updated firmware which makes the P25 adjustments available on a system basis instead of a global one.
      > The second issue is the squelch. It seems that my squelch has an optimum point somewhere between 1 and 2. If I set it to 1, it opens up frequently on most frequencies (especially analog without squelch tones). If I set it to 2, I lose some transmissions that are just barely below the squelch limit. I would think that the squelch processor having an adjustment range of 0-15 should have been set up to have a nominal squelch setting at say 7 instead of 1 or 2. Leaves much more room for fine adjustment.
      > I'd appreciate any suggestions to get around the squelch issue, too.
      > Perhaps that's another Uniden suggestion for the next firmware revision. :)
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