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Re: [HomePatrol] Excellent News on the HP-1

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  • shelleysh1@att.net
    I have to admit I never cared for nor often used the USAD software for my 396XTs or my 996XTs. There was nothing wrong with it - I used it several times, but
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2011
      I have to admit I never cared for nor often used the USAD software for my 396XTs or my 996XTs. There was nothing wrong with it - I used it several times, but it just never "fit" for me. I will say it's fairly uncommon for a manufacturer to successfully produce and support software for scanners. The few times I've seen it done, it hasn't been particularly well. The USAD software was significantly better than what Sony brought to the market with their scanner but personally, I didn't think the USAD software compared too well to the free software which also came on the market for the XT scanners.

      The way I looked at the USAD software was that it was something Uniden gave us initially to help program our XT series scanners. I never expected them to take it any further than that…their business was and is hardware, not software. The inclusion of the USAD software with the XTs was, to me, a very nice surprise and basically a "perk" to go along with the purchase of the scanner. I didn't expect them to update it or support it! Nor do I remember them saying that they had software engineers who would be doing so. (Though I admit I'm getting to be an old lady and my memory is nothing like what it used to be. *smile*)

      As to the HomePatrol – in some respects I agree with Joe that the scanner does almost negate the need for software. It's a brilliant scanner and I really love mine! But, I found, almost immediately, that I DID want software. It was purely logistical. I live in a fairly large metro area and must also travel to and from our state capitol often. With the use of software, programming in the Favorites I need is fast and easy! Doing it manually takes significantly longer and I just don't have the time to spare right now to do so…thus software was very important (I didn't want ANOTHER piece of equipment in my car, so a GPS unit was out). The updates are going to be excellent as well…both of them!

      Which leads me to the last thing I want to mention…updates… Uniden has been far superior to any other scanner hardware manufacturer I've ever owned as far as firmware updates go! There is no other company I know of which has been so comprehensive and thorough about keeping their current scanners up-to-date, applying "fixes" to any problems, etc.


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      > Well...
      > Uniden(USA) did have someone start writing software for the XT scanners.
      > But it never got finished and released. UPman knows more about what happen...
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      > I've never seen Uniden *not* put out anything they promised. That even
      > includes a rebanding update for not only a series that was discontinued,
      > or the series before that, but EVEN the series before that. Why did they
      > do that? Because they said they would. I haven't seen them release UASD
      > for XTs, but I never saw them promise that, either. Maybe they decided
      > that with half a dozen other software authors out there writing for the
      > XT series, they just left the market cover that.
      > I know of a lot of people who use software other than Uniden's or Uniden
      > products. Same with GRE. In fact, I don't think GRE has any programming
      > software either except for some basic backup software for some of their
      > newer models. So, why should everyone pay for software only to secure
      > software (sometimes paid) from another source? Maybe Uniden is lowering
      > the R&D costs to keep the price of the scanner from increasing. After
      > all, the HP is the same price as the 2-series old T series, and is even
      > lower than the D series that the T series replaced.
      > And as for the HomePatrol, the nature of the product almost negates the
      > need for software other than to update the database and firmware. Of
      > course, that is about to change.
      > Joe M.
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