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Re: [BCD396XT] Re: marine AIS and BCD396XT

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  • Walter Jinright
    I thought so, but I also worked with one of the local agencies for many years, I was a Major over Communications. When I showed our Chief of Communications
    Message 1 of 41 , Apr 15, 2011
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      I thought so, but I also worked with one of the local agencies for many years, I was a Major over Communications. When I showed our Chief of Communications (Over all County Radio Systems), his exact words were, "We put it out on the air, it becomes public information just like when we receive an email from a citizen asking an official question". So he knows it is done, I also had made him aware that there was a local scanner club (in the late 90's - around 2001), that was actually posting the decoded text on a BBS system. The only change the Chief of Comms made, was he had everyone stop putting passwords, alarm, door, gate, and other codes as to prevent someone from using the info to burglarize a building where fire or deputies are dispatched, they give the address and key location, alarm code,etc.. Other than that, he pretty much does not care.
      I know I have sent my share of "private" pages and messages over the system many times, even for a year or so before I knew it was so easy to decode! So I am sure one of those "boys" has an old CD-ROM or floppy still out there somewhere with my dirty laundry on it too ;-)
      Also, I know many of the people on the system, they know it is also watched at the source by their Captains (because of harsh, cursing pages, racial pages, etc that have been sent to people in the past, so if they even drop the "F Bomb" on the message system or over the Zetron Paging system, they will be called into an office that day/night and get their rear handed to them!
      Anyway, it is no secret, at least here, even deputies, fire fighters, emts, even county road guys are know to open the ole poc32 and monitor, so I do care that anyone know I do check out the system on a basis of several times a week. But I do not go tell "Bob" that "Jim" is talking smack about him behind his back, etc... I use discretion, as do most of the users on the system, as it is also a tool for the job too.

      Thanks for the tip and Happy Scanning!
      Walter J. - In The Middle of; Pensacola NAS, KPNS, NAS Whiting KNSE & KNDZ, 2R4, and Eglin AFB / Hurlburt Field

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      From: Ken Bandy
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      Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 8:32 AM
      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: marine AIS and BCD396XT

      Not to be a kill-joy or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's technically illegal to intercept pager and/or MDT traffic. Just beware.....


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      On Apr 15, 2011, at 5:23, "Walter Jinright" <ipnfla124@...> wrote:

      > Several local counties simulcast / multicast the CAD info on a one way paging protocol system also. So using POC32 V 2.07 (Pocsag Protocol monitor), I am able to use an old Radio Shack "Legacy" scanner (the

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    • Lance
      UPMan, Smoke Signals.. Very funny... Thanks your input with 396XT. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Message 41 of 41 , Apr 18, 2011
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        "Smoke Signals.."

        Very funny...

        Thanks your input with 396XT.

        On Apr 18, 2011, at 12:27 PM, Uniden UPMan wrote:

        > Ignore the thread title. The discussion of legality was regarding MDT (Mobile Data Terminals used in police cars) decoding, which is illegal to decode in the US under a Federal law known as the ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act). This is the law that also makes intentionally monitoring a cell phone or cordless phone call that you are not a party to illegal (and does not discriminate between analog, digital, encrypted, encoded, or smoke signals).
        > UPMan
        > From: Bruno Vianna <brunovianna.listas.0@...>
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        > >Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: marine AIS and BCD396XT
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >I don't know about the legality of decoding in the US (I'm Brazilian) but a
        > >system like AIS would worthless if the regular amateur boat owner couldn't
        > >decode the messages. Its main goal is to avoid collisions.
        > >
        > >On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 5:08 AM, tvnewsnj <tvnews@...> wrote:
        > >
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >> It has been many years since I looked at the laws regarding DECODING.
        > >>
        > >> I THINK the federal laws make decoding of ENCRYPTED communication illegal.
        > >> I don't think decoding of non encrypted communications is a problem. I must
        > >> admit that as I type this I find myself using the word "communications" and
        > >> not the word "data". The more I think about this data may be covered under
        > >> another part of the law from communications. Just shows how you word
        > >> something can give a totally different message. Oh well!
        > >>
        > >>
        > >> --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "shelleysh1@..." <shelleysh1@...> wrote:
        > >> >
        > >> > *smile* This will be my one and only post on this (and technically, this
        > >> topic shouldn't be on this group anyway)...
        > >> >
        > >> > I'm sorry Walter, your attorney is mistaken (attorneys are fallible, you
        > >> know LOL). It is illegal to decode (decode being the keyword, not capture)
        > >> the transmissions. Contrary to your friends in law enforcement, who clearly
        > >> don't know the law, I do work with law enforcement and have for over 16
        > >> years. And I do know the law on decoding MDTs and the like...you cannot, as
        > >> a citizen, do it legally. It's against Federal law. Capturing coded
        > >> transmission is fine, as long as one is not using any hardware or software
        > >> which can decode what's being transmitted, unless they're working within the
        > >> guidelines of the law.
        > >> >
        > >> > No need for me to be any further involved in the discussion. I've not
        > >> given an opinion, I'm simply (and clearly) pointing out the Federal
        > >> guideline/law for you and anyone else who might (or might not) be
        > >> interested.
        > >> >
        > >> > Shell
        > >> >
        > >> > --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Jinright" <ipnfla124@> wrote:
        > >> > >
        > >> > > Well for one, I do not always have the PC tied up decoding stuff, so if
        > >> any given moment I was "raided", they would not find anything unlawful going
        > >> on. Second, It is ONLY "Federal Time", if you are caught, prosecuted, lose
        > >> and are CONVICTED! Again, at any given period in time, I do not have the
        > >> equipment even put together, and a PC and a scanner is not unlawful for me
        > >> to have, so again, "they" would not find anything, and I could then litigate
        > >> against "them", for unlawful search from a simple post I could have "made
        > >> up", to post in an open forum, as there is not one soul in this forum or
        > >> that will read this forum, and say they have ever seen me decode anything!
        > >> > > So it is all a matter of interpretation of facts, not hearsay that one
        > >> write in an open forum. But I could walk through Disney World and find
        > >> probably 100 people easy using GMRS "bubble pack" radios with no license,
        > >> which is just as great of offense, or if you interpret it a few different
        > >> ways, a greater offense? It is all relative, and what does it matter if no
        > >> one is causing interference, harm, or using the information to commit a
        > >> crime?
        > >> > > I have an attorney / family member that specializes in patents and
        > >> media (like broadcast), and is very knowledgeable about the laws, and agrees
        > >> with what I just wrote (the very reason I wrote this much later, as to get
        > >> REAL legal input).
        > >> > >
        > >> > > Walter J. - In The Middle of; Pensacola NAS, KPNS, NAS Whiting KNSE &
        > >> KNDZ, 2R4, and Eglin AFB / Hurlburt Field
        > >> > >
        > >> > >
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        > >> > > johnstark wrote:
        > >> > > > I'm still at
        > >> > > > a loss why the OP openly admits in a public forum
        > >> > > > to decoding this stuff, that's Federal Time! There are however
        > >> provisions
        > >> > > > for law enforcement to be able to monitor these transmissions for
        > >> > > > investigations but that's the ONLY exception to the law.
        > >> > > >
        > >> > >
        > >> > >
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        > >> > >
        > >> >
        > >>
        > >>
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